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Selective Adaptation

A hero with this power is not aware of it until he recovers from severe trauma. This power is passive not active. To make the most of this power the hreo must be willing to put himself in situations that will cause him to lose Endurance points and mostly likely be mortally wounded. This is why this power is best used by warrior races such as the Saiyans, Atlanteans, Deviants, Asgardians, Kree, and other naturally agressive species (not including Normal Humans).

Selective Adaptation's rank only comes into play when the hreo is exposed to hostile stimuli or hostile environment for an extended amount of time. It also comes into play agianst outside control of the character's powers. For example, a Saiyan is exposed to low level doses of radiation for a period of time equal to this power's rank number (50 days). If the Saiyan survives the radiation poisoning he will develop a resistance to the intensity of radiation he was exposed to (maximum of Am(50)).

What makes this power so valuable is when you combine it with such powers as Recovery, Regeneration, Self-Revival, Self-Duplication, Berzerker, True Invulnerability, and Body Resistance. These powers allow the hero to recover from the damage of the stimuli and environment so that the Selective Adaptation can activate.

The time frame of this power's benefits vary. For example: Streak, a Random Mutant hero, has Ty(6) Fighting, Ex(20) Agility, Ty(6) Strength, and Ex(20) Endurance. He has Ex(20) Selective Adaptation and Fb(2) Hyperspeed. Streak is not a fighter, but knows that he needs to use his speed to help people in need. Streak walks by a bank and sees 2 gunmen holding it up. Quickly changing into his costume, Streak speeds into the bank. He takes the nearest robber by surprise and knocks him out with a charging attack. The other robber fires his gun at the hero. Streak is hit 3 times (1 shot in a lung, the other 2 shots glance off ribs and are flesh wounds.). He is bleeding internally and is suffocating due to his punctured lung. By the time the paramedics arrive Streak's Endurance is at Shift 0. Thankfully, they manage to resucitate the hero. Streak has lost a total of 20 Endurance points. Over the course of 3 months, Streak is hospitalized. He undergoes physical therapy to buildup his Strength and oxygen-intake. This is where the Selective Adaptation works its "magic." Streak notices that he has become faster than before (his Hyperspeed is now Gd(8)), stronger (his Strength is now Gd(12)), and able to sustain his abilities for longer periods of time (his Endurance is now Rm(26)).

Selective Adaptation can give a low-level character an advantage and increase his chances at surviving campaigns. As the hero's powers and abilities increase, however, Selective Adaptation's role in the hero's survival and life is diminished greatly. This rule of thumb is also seen with Saiyans.

An example of this is when Trunks and Vegeta are training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta's powers and abilities plateaued (his Selective Adaptation was no longer put to the test) while Trunks' were increasing (Trunks was just learning to develop the power.)

Once the Hero's Endurance is equal to or higher to the Selective Adaptation's rank it takes longer to benefit from the Adaptation's effects.

By distributing the points gained from Selective Adaptation, the hero can increase such powers as Hyper-Intelligence (the permanent version) that can increase Reason and Intuition. Psyche cannot be increased by Selective Adaptation. Resistance to Mental attacks and Iron Will can be increased by the Adaptation points. This is why Broli has Mn(75) Resistance to Mental Attacks.

The hero's body actually develops a resistance to the adaptation's effects. This is why it took Vegeta 7 years to even make it close to SS2.

Magic is not affected by Selective Adaptation. This was evident in Vegeta's first battle with Majin Buu and in GT with Gohan. When Vegeta is wished back, he has the exact same power level he had before Babidi's enhancement spell. In GT, Gohan has the exact same power level he had before the eldest Kai's enhancement ritual.

The following Power Categories and/or Powers are not affected by Selective Adaptation.The only way Selective Adaptation would affect these powers is if they are power stunts of an affected power or if used with Power Combination.

Optional Powers include any of the powers that can be affected by Selective Adaptation.

Nemeses include certain Magics, Power Control - Negation, Power Transferral, and Power Domination.

Range: None.