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The hero can drastically alter all of his physical parameters (dimensions, appearance, physiology) to achieve any desired shape. Despite appearances, the hero retains his basic chemical composition unless other Powers are used simultaneously, such as Body Transformation - Self. Example: Hobgoblin of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard transforms himself into a stone wall. Despite its granite-like facade, it's composed of flesh; instead of chips flying when the wall is attacked, it bleeds.

The hero can attempt to change into any form; success is determined by a FEAT. When creating the hero, the player can raise the Power rank by limiting the variety of possible forms into which the hero can change. Some categories include inanimates, machines, specific alien or animal races, superbeings only, and so on.

Normal duration is determined by Power rank. If the hero attempts a shape that exceeds his normal size limits (i.e. not more that 150% nor less than 50% of his original size), this affects the duration, dropping it the equivalent of -3CS.

This way a hero can attempt to impersonate a fly or a dinosaur; he just can't do it for long.

Range: None.