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Fire Generation

The hero can project fire with Power rank damage and range. These flames have no apparent fuel source and spring from the hero as if he were a living fuel tank. Although the flames' fuel comes out of the proverbial nowhere, free oxygen must be present for the Power to function. If not, the hero can cause a single flame that lasts' only 1 turn, then fizzles out. At SX rank, the hero gains the ability to generate oxygen as well, permitting this Power to function under any conditions. When creating the hero, the player can choose the Powers of Flame Control, Energy Sheath, and Energy Body to fill any slots still open. For example, under the Ultimate system, the Human Torch possesses 3 powers: Fire Generation, Fire Control, and Energy Sheath.

This has to be the most dangerous Power around. Heroes have to watch out for accidental firestorms. They also tend to consume all the oxygen in their location, making everyone pass out. Then there is the question of smoke and gases created by the hero's Flame Power. It makes me wonder what kind of ventilation system the Baxter Building has...

Fire Generation is the opposing Power to Cold Generation, Coldshaping, and Powers that use water. This Power gains +1CS when fighting these Powers. It also loses -1CS when being attacked by those Powers.

Range: Column A