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Power Domination

This is a form of Mind Control. The hero can control the actions of other super-beings in regards to the use of their own Powers. The hero can force the victim to use his Powers in any manner the hero desires. The hero cannot alter the actual characteristics of the other's Powers.

The Macro-Power pits this Power's rank against the victim's Psyche. The Psyche determines what Intensity FEAT is required.

The range at which the hero can exert Domination varies with his Power rank and the number of beings that are controlled. Each additional superbeing the hero Dominates decreases the overall rank -1CS. The duration is as long as the hero can maintain his concentration.

If the victim fails his initial resistance, he can try again every 10 turns by making a Psyche FEAT based on this Power's rank.

Normal, Power-less beings are completely unaffected by this Power.

If the victim is cooperative, Domination is automatic. Domination can be thwarted by such Powers as Force Field vs. Mental Attack, Resistance to Mental Attack, and Power Control.

Optional Powers include Mind Control and Magic Domination.

The Nemesis is an Enhanced Psyche strong enough to resist Domination.

Range: Column A. See Above.