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The hero can spontaneously generate exact copies of himself. The new bodies are usually semi-independent; each possessing an independent mind but all are linked telepathically so all Duplicates are aware of each other's actions. Each Duplicate possesses the same Powers as the original, except for possible lacking this Power (that is, no Duplicate could generate more Duplicates).

If a Duplicate is killed, the hero doesn't lose any Health, though he might lose Karma if the hero deliberately sent his Duplicate into a certain-death situation. If the original body is killed, the Duplicates will last until the duration of the Power is up-then disintegrate. If the hero's Duplicates possess an indefinite existence and the Power of Duplication, it matters not if the original body is destroyed. Thus, this Power offers a form of Immortality. Unfortunately, each Duplicate is the same physical age as the original, so this form of immortality doesn't turn back the clock at all.

Sometimes this Power functions in a different manner, producing beings distinctly different from the original. Such semi-duplicates might possess altered minds, bodies, or Powers. For example, Shifter has the ability to generate independent beings who each possess a single, unique Power. Each time he uses his Power, he creates a new, albeit temporary, hero. At this rank, he has no real control over what Powers come out, but with extensive practice, someday he'll be able to custom-create his sub-heroes.

In a case like Shifter's, each sub-hero gains a Power randomly generated at the time of his creation. Shifter has the potential to use any Power in this book. If he wants to try to make a conscious selection, his player must make a red FEAT roll. If he blows it, the Judge rolls a Power for him. If the FEAT was yellow, the Judge rolls a Power in the same class of Powers as the player originally wanted; less than that, and the Judge can roll under any, class he likes.

All Duplicates possess statistics identical to those of the original hero.

Range: None.