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Anatomical Separation

This is the most grotesque Power available but it has its advantages nevertheless. With this Power the hero can spontaneously and harmlessly separate his body into independently functioning segments. Physiological functions like blood flow and neural activity continue in the same manner as if the body were whole. Detached parts cannot regenerate if the body is destroyed unless the hero has a regenerative Power. If any detached part is damaged or destroyed, the hero suffers the normal damage; his body also reassembles immediately, if possible.

The practical basis for this is the power of Gateway(Spacewarp) targeted on the hero's own body. In "game reality" the hero forms 2 parallel Spacewarps at the desired point of detachment, then shifts the location of the outer warp. The perceived result is that part of the hero's body detaches and flies off on its own.

Normally, the majority of the hero's body acts as an anchor and cannot be moved by shifting the Spacewarps. The hero can develop Power stunts with which he can transport himself. (Example: the hero sends out a hand to grab onto a distant object and then pulls himself to it.) Detached segments can travel at Power rank speed for Land/Water movement; involuntary reattachment due to injury is instantaneous. The maximum range and duration of detachment are also based on the Power rank. Each additional detachment decreases the range and duration by -1CS, for a cumulative effect.
RankMovement in Areas per TurnRange in AreasDuration
Fb121 min.
Pr242 mins.
Ty364 mins.
Gd488 mins.
Ex51015 mins.
Rm61530 mins.
In7201 hour
Am8252 hours
Mn9304 hours
Un10408 hours
SX12501 day
SY141002 days
SZ162004 days
CL10003250010 days
CL3000501,00020 days
CL50001002,00040 days
If a single detached segment is prevented from returning to the body at the end of the duration, the rest of the hero's body is instantly drawn to the missing piece. Any intervening barrier is destroyed, doing damage to the hero appropriate to the barrier.

If there are 2 or more missing parts, the rest of the hero's body is instantly drawn to a point midway between them. From there he can move freely in order to recover himself. He loses 1 point of Health for each 10 turns he remains apart. Upon reattaching the next-to-last part, he is instantly drawn to the last part.

Separating the legs from the torso does not cause the hero to fall. Rather, the torso can move freely about on its own, at normal movements rates for Land/Water.

Despite a player's misgivings, this Power lends itself to several useful Power stunts. A self-propelled swordarm is handy in a fight. A hero facing a toxic cloud could leave his nose behind. The Power provides +1CS protection against edged weapon attacks; a blade cannot sever something already detached. It is also a great Power for a macabre sense of humor.

Due to the nature of this Power, the hero has a special vulnerability to attacks that disrupt his own Spacewarp. These include Gateway, Dimension Travel, any of the Teleportation forms, and any Power affecting Powers (+2CS for the attacker).

Range: See Above.