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The hero's Power is so strong that it can repair fatal damage and actually return the hero to life. The power functions despite the absence of life in the body. It repairs the major damage and replaces lost tissues at the same rate as Regeneration. When the body is returned to minimum life sustaining condition, the hero comes back to life. This occurs despite any intervening time in which the hero was dead; from the hero's point of view, no time has passed.

If the hero was dismembered, the Revival Power is concentrated on the largest remaining segment. The rest of the body decays normally. In rare cases, all body parts regrow. Depending on the size of the segment, each attains only partial redevelopment of growth, intelligence, and power. Even rarer are the cases where all the newly regrown bodies attain full development. Rarest of all is the case where all the new bodies share a single mind. The Judge can decide if he wants to allow such rare cases to intrude on his tidy campaign.

This power contains aspects of Free Spirit and Matter Creation.

The color FEAT reflects the amount of the body available for the Power to work with. A green FEAT means all the body is present aside from spilled blood. A yellow FEAT means all vital organs are present, although some of the less vital parts may still be missing. A red FEAT is required if at most 1/4 of the original body is available. If less is available, Revival cannot occur.

Note: At Un to SZ ranks the body can revive as long as at least 1 drop of blood is left. At CL1000 or higher, the body can revive as long as 1 molecule is left or if the body's atoms and molecules are not dispersed over more than 3 areas. A good example of this are the Eternals.

Range: None.