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With this Power a hero can render himself undetectable by normal, consciously willed sight. There are 4 very different means of accomplishing this effect. Each form has unique characteristics regarding such factors as the area made invisible, protection against light-based attacks, mechanical detection, and detection by other means.
Physics: This is the form possessed by Sue Richards. The hero's body is totally transparent to the visible light spectrum. He cannot be mechanically detected or recorded (i.e. by photography or television) and is immune to attacks using visible light (lasers, mostly). At Gd rank and higher, the invisibility range can be extended to cover other sections of the energy spectrum (infrared and ultraviolet light, radiowaves, hard radiation); this also bestows immunity to attacks using these forms. At these levels the hero can also extend the area of invisibility beyond his body. This permits the hero to protect others and, more importantly, to wear clothing. (H.G. Wells' Invisible Man was unable to even conceal undigested food within his body.)

Telepathic: The hero is actually visible but is ignored and immediately forgotten by beings who would otherwise be capable of detecting his presence. He is also immune to detection by other senses. ("Did you hear anything? Nah.") He can be mechanically detected and recorded (this is where this Power gets weird); a video monitor or alarm that reveals the hero's presence will be ignored by anyone within range of the hero's Power. Photographic film records the hero, but anyone looking at it while within range of the hero's Power will ignore the hero's image. Anyone outside this range can see the hero quite clearly, and will be very confused about the lack of reaction by those around the hero. He can extend this invisibility to anyone in physical contact with him. If the hero loses touch (literally) with someone whom he was protecting in this way, that person is immediately susceptible to the Power's effect and forgets that the hero was ever there. Robots and cybernetic beings are unaffected by this Power, but they can be protected by it. The Power does not affect any light-based attack but does provide protection against psionic attacks (-2CS for the attacker).

Hallucinatory: The hero is actually visible but is surrounded by a telepathic field that makes others see an empty spot where the hero is. The Hallucination can incorporate the hero's surroundings and affect real-time viewers at a great distance. In other words, the hero can disguise the area around himself and this disguise will fool anyone looking at the area, even if they are miles away. However, this Power doesn't fool film or videotape; these record the scene as it really is.

Hallucination also prevents detection by other senses. The hero can be mechanically detected and recorded; as with the Telepathic form, anyone within, range of the effect ignores the hero. Robots and cybernetic beings can also detect him. This Power provides no protection against light-based attacks, but does provide protection against psionic attacks (-2CS for the attacker).

Holographic: The hero is actually visible but has surrounded himself with a holographic image of empty space. The holograph can incorporate a wide area and affects anyone within line of sight (if someone can see across interstellar space, the holograph fools you). The holograph can be mechanically detected and recorded as if it were real. It will not prevent detection by other senses. Robots and cybernetic life accept the holograph as real. It provides protection against light-based attacks equal to his Power rank -2CS. (Example: In rank provides Ex Resistance.)
The duration of any form of Invisibility is a function of the Power rank. This Power can be reduced in effectiveness or even terminated by certain acts, performed either by the hero or someone under the Power's effect. Simple physical contact can alert others to the hero's presence (Physics, Hallucinatory, Holographic). Physical attacks by the hero terminate the Invisibility (Telepathic) or reduce its protection by -1CS for each attack the hero makes (all other forms). An Invisible hero may find himself surrounded by a coating material (rain, dust, and paint for example). This only effects the Physics-based Invisibility. At Fb, Pr, and Ty ranks the hero is visible for the duration of the coating. At Gd or higher ranks, such coatings remain visible for the number of turns equal to 8 minus the number of Power rank levels. (Example: Invisible Woman is struck by a balloon filled with paint. Her Power is Ex and renders the paint invisible in 3 turns.)

There is a base 2% chance that the Invisibility is permanent (4% if the hero is alien). Such a state can only be negated by nullifying the Power itself, permanently. Previously controllable Invisibility can be made permanent through brain damage or Powers that affect the hero's control.

Range: See Above.