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Martial Supremacy

In the MARVEL SUPER HEROES game system Fighting is considered an Ability, not a Power. However, this Power increases a hero's already-mastered Martial Arts (a Talent in the game system) to dramatically higher levels and allows him to perform actions that would otherwise be impossible, like splitting a battleship in two with a single karate chop.

Martial Arts as explained in the Advanced Set falls into 5 categories labeled A through E for simplicity's sake:
A:This form uses the opponent's Strength against him and permits the hero to Stun or Slam an opponent regardless of their relative Strengths and Endurances.
B:This form is keyed to offense by inflicting damage by short, quick bursts. The hero gains +1CS Fighting when engaged in unarmed combat.
C:This form concentrates on holds and escapes. The hero gains +1CS to his Strength when Grappling or Grabbing and +1CS to his Agility when dodging.
D:This form seeks out the opponent's weak points and strikes at them. The hero can ignore the effects of physical Armor when determining Stun and Slam results. Unfortunately, the hero must study his opponent for 2 turns before he can bring this effect into play.
E:This form encourages quick striking to catch an opponent off-guard. The hero gains +1 to initiative rolls when engaged in unarmed combat.
The player chooses 1 of the above Martial Arts and determines its rank when he creates the hero. When this Power shows up, add its Power rank number to the already determined Talent rank number.

For example, the Kung Fu Kommando ossesses Martial Arts E at Ty rank and Martial Arts Supremacy at Gd rank. These combine to give Kung Fu Kommando an Ex rank for his Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Supremacy can be used to do rank-level damage against non-living matter.

For example, Kung Fu Kommando can shatter iron, concrete, or bullet-proof glass with a red Power rank FEAT.

If desired, this Power can be modified to fit any Fighting skill the prayer can imagine. This can include Supremacy in any 1 weapon, such as swordsmanship or archery.

Optional Powers include Iron Will and Weapons Creation.

The Nemesis Power is Martial Arts Supremacy of 1 rank higher than that possessed by the hero.