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Weapons Creation

The hero can create any desired weapon out of thin air. The weapon can be of any design, size, and material. The size of the weapon is limited by its weight. The hero can only create in a single turn a maximum number of ounces equal to his Power rank number. Heavier weapons have to be assembled in pieces over a span of several turns. While the material strength of the created weapon is the same as that of a normally-manufactured weapon of the same type, its duration is much shorter. The lifespan of the weapon is determined at the time of creation. A Ty Intensity FEAT gives the weapon a lifespan of 100 turns times the hero's Reason rank number. On an Am Intensity FEAT, the weapon lasts for the hero's Reason rank number times 10,000 turns. Should he make an Un Intensity FEAT, the weapon will be permanent.

Each ounce of created matter temporarily costs the hero 1 Health point. All points lost in this manner are regained after 24 hours. Thus, the hero can only create a weapon weighing the number of ounces equal to his Health score in a single day.

The hero must have-detailed knowledge of any weapon he wants to create. He can only store a limited number of weapons' designs in his memory. The total number of memory slots available to this Power equals the hero's Reason rank number. The player must keep a record of the weapons he can create. This list can be changed at any time. A green Reason FEAT gains the hero a new design. If no open memory slots are available, an old design is tossed away to make room for the new one.

Normally, the Power is used to make facsimiles of existing weapons. The hero must make a detailed study of the weapon for at least 10 minutes before attempting a FEAT. Failure to make the FEAT means the hero must spend another 10 minutes studying the weapon before attempting another FEAT. Some weapons might be beyond the hero's comprehension, if the player has really bad luck when rolling the dice.

The hero can create new weapons based solely on his imagination and basic knowledge of weapons design. This requires intense concentration and a red Power rank FEAT.

The newly created weapon has the same characteristics as a normally created one of its type. In the case of altered or imaginary weapons, the player and Judge should agree on a reasonable and playable set of characteristics for the weapon in question.

The Power includes versions of Elemental and Molecular Creation. Each element or compound takes up its own memory slot, just like the throwing daggers and broadswords that clutter the hero's mind. Such raw matter can be formed into any weapon's shape. This permits the hero to change the composition of any already-memorized designs. For example, if he has already memorized the design of an arrow and the nature of silver he can create both wood and steel arrows and silver arrows.

Weapons created materialize in the hero's hands.

There is an exception to the rules thus far. When creating the hero, the player can choose to specialize in creating a single copy of a special weapon. In this case, the weight limit is raised from one ounce per Health point to 1 pound per Health point. Such special weapons are never permanent; Un Intensity FEATs are treated the same as Am Intensity ones. 1 example of this option is Magik's Soulsword.

The Optional Power for this is a form of Martial Arts Supremacy that uses a special weapon, as in the option explained above.