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Prince Vegeta(Pre-SS to SS1)

Prince Vegeta 1Real Name: Vegeta a.k.a Vegeta Briefs, last Crown Prince of the Saiyans.
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Saiyan
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: In(40) Agility: In(40)
Strength: In(40) Endurance: Am(50)
Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Ex(20) Psyche: Rm(30)
Health: 170 Karma: 60 Resources: Un(100) with Shi'ar.
Popularity: 50 with Saiyans, 25 with Shi'ar, 0 elsewhere.
Age: 42 Height: 5'6" in normal state, 5'10" when shifting.
Weight: 175LBS. in normal state, 250LBS. when shifting.
Talents: Martial Arts B & E (Saiyan Shotokan, American Boxing, Tae Kwon Do), Military, Pilot (space), Leadership, Trance.
Contacts: Planet Vegeta Prime (Homeworld, destroyed), King Vegeta (Father), Nappa (Saiyan Royal Guardsman), Raditz (Saiyan Royal Guardsman), Paragus (former chief Saiyan scientist, deceased), Shi'ar Empire (All known-Saiyans serve the empire.), Z-Team (Rm (30) Resources, Hero Group), Bulma Briefs (Wife, CEO of Capsule Corp., Am Resources), Trunks Briefs(1, 2) (Son), Avengers(Hero Group).
Saiyan Armor
Saiyan Scouter
Saiyan Space Capsule
Self Sustenance:
 Mn(75), Temporary version only.
Alter Ego (lost): Prince Vegeta had the Mn(75) ability to transform into an Uzaru (see Saiyans) until he lost his tail in a battle with the Z-Team. When in Uzaru form he had the following stats:
  • Growth - Atomic Gain: permanent, 20' tall, weight of 4 tons, is +1CS to hit, SX(150) Strength, Un(100) Endurance, Health is changed in proportion.
  • Natural Weaponry: teeth of In(40) material strength.
  • Hyper-Leaping: SY(200)
  • Hyper-Hearing: In(40)
  • Hyper-Olfactory: In(40)
  • Resistance to Physical Attacks: In(40)
  • Resistance to Energy Attacks: Rm(30)
Selective Adaptation: See Saiyans.
Power Flare: See Saiyans.
Body Resistance: Rm(30).
Hyperspeed: Ex(20).
Hyper-Leaping: Am(50).
Energy Manipulation: Prince Vegeta has the In(40) ability to channel the ambient energy around him and release it as a force or energy blast of In(40) rank. He can choose to use a range radius effect around him of 20'. Targets caught inside the radial blast suffer full power rank damage. Each additional area takes a -2CS reduction in damage. (Only in humanoid form.)

Prince Vegeta has developed the following power stunts with this power:

  • Pulse Burst: This is Vegeta's "Gallet Gun". By making a successful Endurance FEAT, Prince Vegeta can attack up to 3 seperate targets in 1 area with a single blast. This functions much like a machine gun burst. The Pulse Burst functions at only 1/3rd the maximum range of his normal blasts.
  • Energy Focus Blast: This is Vegeta's "Final Flash" attack. Vegeta usually does not use this power. This is a last resort stunt, because it drains him of energy. It functions just like the Focus power in that Vegeta's Strength, and Endurance rank numbers are added to his Energy Manipulation power rank number (40+50+40=130) to then fire a blast of energy (65 points force, 65 points energy) that does SX(130) damage. Each use of this power causes Vegeta to be -4CS on all Physical Stats and loose 40 points of Health.
  • Light Control: 
    • By making both a Yellow Endurance FEAT and a successful Reason FEAT, Vegeta can shape the ambient light in his immediate area and alter it to simulate moonlight. This triggers the transformation of all Saiyans (who still have their tails) to Uzaru form who look upon the light.
    • By making a successful Yellow Reason and Power FEAT, Vegeta can shape and solidify light to form laser-like solid constructs such as spinning razorsharp discs and lances. These constructs can cut through up to In(40) strength materials and do up to 10 points of edged damage.
Recovery: Rm(30).
Resistance to Aging & Disease: In(40). See Saiyans
Power Detection: Through meditation and training, Vegeta has developed this power at Rm(30) rank. Unfortunately, it only detects organic life.
Resistance to Power Detection: Through meditation and training, Vegeta has learned to mask his power level so that it appears he is just a low-level Saiyan. This power is considered Am(50) in regards to foiling methods of scanning for powers.
True Flight: Am(50). By making a yellow power FEAT, Vegeta can combine his hyperspeed with his flight to travel for 1-5 turns at Mn(70) air speed.
Ability Shift: Vegeta has learned to shift the majority of his energies into brute strength. He can only use this while flaring. The shift boosts his strength to Mn(75). He can maintain this state by making a green Endurance and Psyche FEAT every 1-5 rounds. Unfortunately, his Health does not change, Fighting and Agility are -1CS for the Shift's duration. His Hyperspeed and Flight powers suffer a -2CS reduction for the duration. Also, physical or force attacks that would either Stun or Kill Vegeta are -1CS while in this state.

Weakness: See Saiyans. Vegeta's greatest strength is his greatest weakness---his pride. He will often fight alone against overwhelming odds. For Vegeta to ask for help is like me winning lotto (ain't gonna happen). Because of his meditative efforts to control his powers Vegata recieves a +1CS on all attempts to resist his genetic fighting instincts.

Recently, Vegeta's tail was damaged beyond repair. As a result, he lost his ability to transform into an Uzaru.

Note: Vegeta is a Super Saiyan. He is a member of the Saiyan Royalty. He is also the last crowned Prince of all Saiyans. Vegeta is not opposed to taking lives to ensure the survival of his people or his teammates. Judges should not penalize Vegeta for slaying enemies that threaten Earth-Z, his family, or his people.

Vegeta was only 12 years old when his homeworld was consumed by Galactus. Vowing revenge for the deaths of his father and people, the young prince trained his mind and body to the utmost. After 20 years of serving the Shi'ar, Vegeta was given the coordinates of the 1 planet that repelled Galactus and survived---Earth-Prime. In the year 1997, Vegeta sent his guard, Raditz, to Earth. Raditz was to investigate reports of a Saiyan living among the Terrans for 20 years. The guardsman used his scouter to scan the area where the Earth-bound Saiyan lived. He was shocked to find that his scouter's organic analyzers had told him this unknown Saiyan was none other than the younger brother, Kakarott (Goku), whom he had thought was killed in the destruction of Vegeta Prime! Through his scouter, Raditz relayed the information to Vegeta. He then received orders from the prince to bring Kakarott back to his own kind.

Unfortunately, Goku refused to return to his people. Raditz then challenged both Goku and the Namekian villain known as Piccolo(Ma-Junior) to a trial by combat. If Goku and the Namek lost, Goku would forsake Earth and return to his own race. Raditz proved to be more of a villain than Piccolo by taking Goku's son hostage. For 10 minutes the 3 combatants fought. The team of Piccolo and Goku were about to be killed when Goku's son, Gohan, power flared. The resultant energy release destroyed Raditz' space capsule and stunned him long enough for the weakened Goku to restrain him. Piccolo, with regret, then fired a beam of psionic plasma that mortally wounded both Saiyans. Goku was brought back to life 2 years later by a wish granted by the Eternal Dragon of the Earth.

At that moment, Vegeta and his Captain of the Guard, Nappa, were monitering the data coming in from the fight. They were shocked to learn that a low-level Saiyan, a Namek, and a child were able to defeat a royal guardsman. The 2 Saiyans then departed for Earth. They were confronted by the entire Z-Team (including Piccolo and a fully-trained Gohan) except for Goku. Nappa took on all but Gohan and Yajarobi(who were scared). After the brief battle, Piccolo, Tien-Shin, Chou-Tsu, and Yaumcha were dead and Krillin was injured. In that moment a power flared Goku attacked Nappa, crippling him. Enraged, at seeing a commoner defeat his guards with such ease, Vegeta slew Nappa and challenged the leader of the Z-Team to a fight. The fight between Goku and Vegeta seemed a stalemate until Vegeta used his energy powers to create artificial moonlight. This triggered his transformation into his Uzaru form. He then proceeded to squeeze the life out of Goku, but was stopped by Krillin and Gohan. Yajarobi then severed Vegeta's tail with his katana. Vegeta was forced to revert to humanoid form. The Saiyan decided to take his vengeance on the swordsman for the loss of his tail.

Unfortunately, for Vegeta, Gohan's tail had regrown. This allowed him to transform into an Uzaru and battle the prince. When the dust cleared, Vegeta was seen crawling into his space capsule, bloody and beaten. Just as Krillin was about to kill the Saiyan, Goku stopped him. Vegeta made good his escape and blasted off into space.

Upon arriving back at the Shi'ar Saiyan command center, the Prince realized that he had to make himself stronger than any warrior on Earth including the members of the much vaunted Avengers and X-Men. A Shi'ar archeologist then told the prince of the planet Namek and its Dragon Balls. Intrigued, Vegeta set off to Namek. The prince did not know that one of the Shi'ar's enemies, Frieza of the Planet Trade Guild, the Avengers, and the remaining members of the Z-Team were also looking for the artifacts. During his search for the Dragon Balls, Vegeta learned that the Planet Trade Guild were scouts for the planet-eater known as Galactus. It was Frieza that targeted Planet Vegeta Prime for Galactus's hunger. In return for his services, Galactus had endowed Frieza (and his family) with a portion of the power cosmic.

Consequently, the 4 parties battled each other. Frieza and his mercenaries proved the stronger and killed most of the Nameks, Vegeta, and Krillin. Many of the Avengers were severly wounded in the battle. It was at that moment when the child Guardian Namek, Dende used the Dragon Balls to summon Porunga. Porunga used its Reality Alteration powers to return all those killed by Frieza and Frieza's forces to life. Frieza and his forces were then defeated by the combined efforts of the Z-Team (with Vegeta) and the Avengers.

During the 2nd battle with Frieza, Goku had turned into a Super-Saiyan. Awed at his rival's increase in power, the Prince decided to join the Z-Team and train as Goku did after he dealt with the remnants of the Planet Trade Guild.

Vegeta's decision was to reshape his role in Earth's fate. 1 year later, Frieza (now a cyborg) and his father, King Cold, arrived on Earth with an army of their Guild's mercenaries. Vegeta and the other members of the Z-Team were outnumbered and overpowered by the enemy forces until the time-traveling Terran known as Trunks arrived. The teen turned into a Super-Saiyan and slew both Frieza and King Cold in single combat. It was later revealed that Trunks is Vegeta's son from an alternate future.

Trunks warns the Z-Team of the coming in 3 years of androids that will destroy them. The Z-Team then uses the 3 years to train for the upcoming battle. During this time, the Z-Team battle and defeat the Super-Namek Lord Slug, the Tsufurun menace of HatchYack, Frieza's brother Kooler and the Planet Trade Guild, a Cybernetic Kooler, and 3 androids from the future.

At the end of the 3 years, Vegeta had not only become a Super-Saiyan but had married Bulma(the team's scientist) and had a son named Trunks, thus ensuring the future of his bloodline. The news of Trunks' birth was received with mixed emotions from the Saiyan Elite. They are not comfortable with the fact that Vegeta chose a Terran over a Saiyan.

Consequently, all that Trunks had foretold had come to pass. The androids were activated. The Z-Team was soon in a battle for their lives against Androids 19, 20 (Dr. Gero), 17, & 18. After a brutal defeat at the hands of the androids, Vegeta and Trunks were given an opportunity by Goku to increase their power. Accepting the offer, the 2 fighters entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In 1 day they were able to get a year's worth of training.

Unknown to Vegeta, Trunks had surpassed him in power. The 2 warriors then raced to battle a semi-perfect Cell. Vegeta brought Cell to his knees with an awesome display of power, but was tricked into allowing Cell to absorb Android 18. Before Trunks could stop Cell, Vegeta interferes. Trunks fires a kinetic blast that sends Vegeta crashing into the sea. Minutes later, Vegeta battles a perfect Cell. The proud prince falls at the hands of the ruthless android.

Knowing that the future of the world rests in the defeat of Cell, Trunks Ability Shifts and pummels Cell to the ground. Cell, however, displays his true power by combining his hyperspeed with his strength. Thus defeating the half-Saiyan.

Curious at the potential of the Z-Team, Cells announces the start of the Cell Games that will determine the fate of Earth-Z. The games would begin in 10 days. It is during this time that the Z-Team encounters the Saiyans known as Paragus and Broli. Unbekownst to the team, Paragus was secretly plotting to eliminate Earth's defenders so that his mercenary armies could invade. This plan fell to ruin by the sudden re-emergence of Broli's rage. Broli is the legendary Super Saiyan. Paragus reveals this ill omen to Vegeta.

The Saiyan prince is horrified that the most powerful Saiyan has been reborn and is now coming to seek revenge on the bloodlines of the Saiyan Royals.

It took the combined might of the Z-Team to defeat Broli and escape Planet Vegeta Beta before a planet-sized comet destroyed it.

During the Cell Games, Vegeta could only watch as Goku and Cell battled. After almost 15 minutes of full powered fighting, Goku concedes defeat and offers Gohan as Cell's next opponent. What happened during the next 10 minutes was sheer power. Cell was soundly defeated by Gohan in combat.

Unfortunately, Cell tried to blow himself up and take the entire Z-Team with him. Goku used the last bit of energy he had to teleport himself and Cell to King Kai's planet where the explosion caused a chain reaction that destroyed the small moon.

Thinking the threat of Cell was over, the Z-Team let down there guard only to be the victims of a surprise attack by a newly Self-Revived Cell. Using the powers of Frieza's DNA, Cell fired a concentrated beam of energy that mortally wounded Trunks. The teen warrior dies within moments. Enraged at the death of his "future" son, Vegeta races off to attack Cell but is badly beaten by the (much stronger) android. Minutes later a recovered Vegeta helps Gohan destroy Cell for good with a "Final Flash" attack.

Hours later, Dende (the new Namekian Guardian of Earth) uses the Dragonballs of Earth to ressurect Trunks.

The true damage to the team had been done. Goku was gone. Vegeta, distraught over the loss of his greatest rival and teammate, suffers a bout of depression and leaves the team to help Bulma raise (infant)Trunks. It is not long when a new threat to the team surfaces.

The renegade Kai known as Bojack as well as his crew tried to take over the galaxy. Seeing a worthy opponent, Vegeta rejoins the Z-Team in time to help defeat the renegade Kais.

Currently, Vegeta is in training to increase his power levels.