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Cold Generation

This Power is the pure form of Ice Generation and one it is often confused with. The hero can emit a field that decreases thermal energy and infrared radiation.

The Power decreases the temperature of the target; the amount is determined both by a FEAT and the Power rank number. A Ty FEAT drops the temperature by 10x the rank number; a Rm FEAT drops it by 20x the rank number; and an Un FEAT drops it by 40x the rank number. For example, a hero with Rm(30) Cold Generation can lower a target's temperature by 300 (10x30) to 1200 40x3O) degrees. The only limitation is that the temperature cannot drop lower than absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius or -459.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

The power has the side-effect of cooling the air between the hero and the target. Gases within that area may condense. Such by-products evaporate quickly after the Power ceases to operate.

Cold Generation can be used to negate other sources of cold, whether Power-based, artificial, or environmental; its Power rank decreases the intensity of the affected cold. However, it cannot be used to raise the temperature of a frigid environment. The hero with this Power has Power rank level resistance to Cold in any form.

Optional Powers include Coldshaping and Molding.

Nemeses include Heat Emission, Fire Generation, and Thermal Control.

Range: Column A