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SaiyanAccording to the Marvel Prime timeline, the Celestials conducted experiments on all humanoid life on Earth Prime. Their experiments yielded the following races: Eternals, Deviants, Random Mutants, Anomolous Humans, Normal Humans, and an unknown race of homonids similar to Neanderthals (Later to be known as the missing link or Saiyans).

This unknown group of homonids were genetically altered to endure harsh environments and adapt to hostile and traumatic conditions. This allowed them to evolve physically while keeping certain primate traits (the tail, Neanderthal level strength---which is equal to a modern day powerlifter).

Unfortunately, an asteroid collided with Earth Prime and wiped out 75% of the planet's population. Among the dead were all but 1 of the Saiyans. This lone survivor was blasted into space holding on to a chunck or rock debris form the planet's surface. The sudden exposure and trauma of the event and the vacuum of space triggered the apeman's transformation into the 1st "Golden Uzaru."

Consequently, Earth Prime is near an interstellar Gateway(wormhole/stargate) to the galaxy of the Shi'ar (before they became an empire---their version of the Iron Age). The asteroid bearing the Uzaru entered the gateway and crashed on planet Tsufuru Prime.

Surviving the crash, the Saiyan soon reverted to his Neanderthal-like form, was taken in by a Tsufurun family. This Saiyan later mated with a Tsufurun. Over the course of centuries there was a lot of inbreeding. This was due to the fact that Saiyans are attracted to members of the opposite sex who are either genetically agressive, emotionally aggressive, and/or mentally/socially agressive. Most of the Tsufuruns were pacifistic, so Saiyans stayed with Saiyans.

As a result of this isolationism, a rivalry for planetary domination began between the Tsufuruns and the Saiyans that lasted 3,000 years. This rivalry ended with the extinction of all but a handful of Tsufuruns and Saiyans becoming the masters of the now renamed Vegeta Prime (After King Vegeta I father of Vegeta - Last Prince of the Saiyan race). This golden age in Saiyan history only lasted 5 decades.

In 1967 an explosion in the heavens was spotted by Prof. Briefs, a world-renkowned astronomer and scientist. At first believing it to be a super-nova, he later found that it was a planet being destroyed in another galaxy. Little did he know that Galactus had paid a visit to Vegeta Prime. Only 7,000 Saiyans survived the planet-eater's hunger.

Humiliated at their failure to stop Galactus, the Saiyans accepted the invitation to join the Shi'ar Empire. In return, the empire would help them to become stronger in the hopes of using them as a weapon against enemies of the empire (and maybe one day, Galactus).

Saiyans are always seeking to increase their power by challenging the strongest of opponents. There has even been a legend of an Ultra-Saiyan (All Physical Abilities and Powers at Un(100) rank or more, think Super Saiyan 4) challenging Galactus.

Unfortunately, this is the very reason why there are so few of them. They challenge each other as well as their enemies.
Fighting: Ex(20)  Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Ex(20)
Endurance: Ex(20) Reason: Ty(6) Intuition: Ty(6) Psyche: Ty(6)
Health: 80 Karma: 18
Resources: Pr(4)/Rm(30) when working for the Shi'ar Empire
Popularity: 0/-10 on Shi'ar homeworlds/-20 with enemies of the Shi'ar
Age: 1D4+15 years Height: 2d10+59" for females/2d10+60" for males
Weight:6d10+140Lbs for females/6d10+180Lbs for males
Saiyan Armor
Saiyan Scouter
Saiyan Space Capsule
Alter Ego:
 Mn(75) ability to transform into an Uzaru (a gargantuan apelike creature said to be their equivalent of Earth's evolutionary missing link).
While in Uzaru form they have the following stats and powers:Body Resistance: Ty(6). Only in humanoid form.
Hyperspeed: Gd(10). Only in humanoid form.
Hyper-Leaping: Rm(30).
Recovery: Ex(20).
Resistance to Aging & Disease: Because of their Selective Adaptation power, Saiyans have developed Ex(20) resistance to aging and disease. This makes middle age for Saiyans 60 Terran years and old age 80 Terran years.
Selective Adaptation: The Saiyan's have the ability to increase their power after recovering from extreme physical trauma (Endurance losses of any type) by evenly distributing the rank number of the amount of Endurance levels lost (if a Saiyan's Endurance falls from 20 to 0, if he recovers, then he gains 20 points which he can distribute evenly among his Primary Abilities or Powers. This strange genetic survival power can also cause Saiyans to increase their power ranks and abilities due to exposure to harsh environments (Dense Gravity can boost all physical stats and powers, +1CS for every level of gravity greater than their Endurance rank permanently for every 4 weeks exposed to it. This makes them extremely difficult to defeat once they fully recover. This serves as a limited form of Body Adaptation at Am(50) level but without altering the physical form and can only be used in their humanoid form.
Power Flare: Another reason why Saiyans are fast becoming a threat to the universe is their unique ability to "flare" their powers. By making a Green Psyche FEAT, a Saiyan can cause his Fighting, Agility, and Strength to increase +1CS (without changing Health) as well as any Powers at the same rate. To maintain this "flare" for an additional 1-5 turns, a Saiyan must make a Yellow Endurance FEAT, etc. Once this "flare" dies, a Saiyan is -4CS on all FEATs for 81 rounds(6 hours). This works only in humanoid form.
Weakness: No matter what the opponent, a Saiyan's genetic instinct is to fight (no matter the odds). For a Saiyan to resist this urge, he must make a successful Psyche FEAT vs. Am(50) intensity.

In addition to their genetic instincts, their most obvious weakness is their tail. If a Saiyan's tail is cut off, he loses his Alter Ego power permanently! This also has the positive side effect of raising the Saiyan's Physical abilities and Powers +1CS permanently! This is why Goku and Vegeta were so powerful after they lost their tails.
Talents: Military, Martial Arts B & E (Saiyan Shotokan, full contact)
Contacts: Planet Vegeta Prime (Destroyed by Galactus), Shi'ar Empire (All 7,000 surviving Saiyan's work as shocktroops for the Shi'ar.).

Note: Saiyans can breed with humans. The offspring have a 50% chance of having a tail, have a +4CS of resisting their genetic instincts, and all the powers of a typical Saiyan.

In addition, Saiyan/Human offspring with tails have all their stats at +1CS (think of Gohan).

Unfortunately, half-Saiyans do not retain their mental faculties in Uzaru form.

A Super Saiyan is a Saiyan whose Physical Stats are all In(40) or higher in his humanoid form. His eyes turn green and hair becomes yellow. He is also surrounded by a golden aura.

The rule for powering up to Super Saiyan depends on the Saiyan's Strength and Endurance. Endurance must be In(40) and Strength must be at least Rm(30) before flaring to become Super Saiyan. He/She must then make a Red Endurance and Psyche FEAT. This is due to the tremendous energy buildup inside them. When a Saiyan first goes super (SS1), they lose all karma (its used up to make the roll). If the Saiyan fails the Red Endurance and Psyche FEAT, they lose half their Karma and suffer -4CS on all FEATs and are unable to flare for 1-100 turns.

Another way to become a Super Saiyan is if 1 of your genetic parents were Super Saiyans themselves. This is why Goten and Trunks II became Super Saiyans at an early age. The offspring have a 25% chance of becoming Super Saiyans before puberty, 50% during adolescence (Trunks I), and 75% at adulthood. (This is only for Saiyan/Human offspring)

Here are the details on the Super states for a Saiyan.

  • SS1: Power Flare gives +1CS to all Physical Abilities and Powers.
  • SS2: Power flare gives +1CS to Non-energy powers, +2CS to Strength, Energy powers, and Hyper-Leaping. Hyper-speed is raised to equal Strength. Otherwise, same as SS1. This state can be reached while flaring and then making a Red Endurance and Psyche FEAT. Failure causes the Saiyan to lose the bonuses of his power flare for 1-100 turns.
  • SS3: Power flare gives +4CS to Strength, +2CS to Energy powers, Recovery, and Body Resistance. Hyper-speed is raised to equal Strength. Hyper-Leaping is raised +5CS(max of CL5000). Otherwise, same as SS2. SS3 is only available to pure-blooded Saiyans who have lost their tails. To reach this level, Saiyans must make a Red Psyche and Endurance FEAT vs. Am(50) intensity while flaring. A failed roll causes the Saiyan to be stunned for 1-10 rounds, -4CS on all FEATs, and unable to "flare" for 1-100 turns.
  • SS4: Power flare gives +2CS to Endurance. Otherwise, same as SS3. SS4 is only available to pure-blooded Saiyans with tails exposed to the light of a Lunar or Solar eclipse. This is known as their Eclipse form and is only available to pure-blooded Saiyans.
When a Saiyan reaches SS status, their is a 25% chance that their Selective Adaptation has given them a new power (no mental enhancement) and a 10% chance of raising a random ability or power +1CS permanently. This is how both Goku and Vegeta displayed different powers.

A Saiyan who loses his/her tail will lose their Uzaru form permanently. Once they reach Super Saiyan status, Saiyans with no tails can make a Red Psyche and Endurance FEAT vs. Am(50) intensity while flaring. A successful roll for both FEATs has the effect of raising all powers (except power flare, recovery, and selective adaptation) and the Strength of their lost Uzaru form. A failed roll causes the Saiyan to be stunned for 1-10 rounds, -4CS on all FEATs, and unable to "flare" for 1-100 turns.

Saiyans of note: Bardock, Bio-Broli, Broli, King Vegeta, Prince Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa, Goku, Paragus, Turles