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Humanoid Race

The hero is a normal member of a human-like race from "somewhere else." This may be another world, era, dimension, or lost land hidden somewhere on the Earth. Most can pass as Normal Humans with a little disguise or explanation.

Some of the Humanoid Race's Powers don't exist in their home environment but develop as a result of the Humanoid's exposure to Earth's environment.

Humanoids can initially raise any 1 Ability +1CS.
Resources: Starting Resources are set at Pr(4).
Contacts: A Humanoid starts out with only 1 Contact, his race.

Note: There are several Humanoid Races with pregenerated stats. A Player can choose from any of the races for his Character.

The following Humanoid Races are available for use:

Humanoid Races use the Ability Modification Table to change their stats as a reflection of training, not-training, etc.