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Autocron biochemistry is based on iron rather than carbon.

Autocrons are a militaristic technocracy ruled by a world-computer. They established a small interstellar empire in their region of space. The scout Ten-For was vanguard for a proposed invasion of Earth but the invasion was cancelled after Machine Man defeated Ten-For.

The Autocron homeworld is the planet Cron orbiting the star Betelgeuse VI in the Milky Way Galaxy and has an estimated population of 10 billion.

Autocrons have achieved trans-warp travel and the use of metamorphic technology. Unfortunately, much of their technology is focused on military uses.
Fighting: Rm(30) Agility: Ty(6)
Strength: Am(50) Endurance: Am(50)
Reason: Ex(20) Intuition: Gd(10)
Psyche: Ty(6)
Health: 136 Karma: 36
Resources: Pr(4)/Ex(20) on their homeworld.
Popularity: 0 on Earth, -10 elsewhere.
Age: 30*(3D10+15) years(Autocrons have an average lifespan equal to that of 30 times that of a Normal Human)
Height: 1d10+76" for females, 1d10+77" for males
Weight: 3*(6d10+100LBS.) for females, 3*(6d10+140LBS.) for males.

Armor Skin: (Permanent, Visually Inorganic) Ex(20)
Longevity: Pr(4)
Weakness: Magnetic and Electrical attacks are +1CS against Autocrons. Saltwater also causes rust-like lesions on their skin that if left untreated can decrease their Armor Skin -1CS per week until treated. A common treatment for this is heat treating in mineral oils for 1 day per week left untreated.
Talents: Randomly generated.
Contacts: Autocron Empire(Military, CL1000 Resources).