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NamekThe Namekians were some of the first extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. Their culture is based on the development of their powers. Because of a natural cataclysm on Namek Prime, there are only 10,000 Nameks left. They have developed stardrive, teleportation, and dimensional technology, but prefer to use their own powers.

Note: Nameks reproduce asexually by Self Duplication (Gd(10) rank---a red FEAT is needed for successful reproduction).

1% of all Nameks have the ability to create "Dragonballs." This ability is a combination of Artifact Creation, Energy Source Creation, and Power Creation at CL1000 rank. They can only create Dragonballs (which come 7 at a time) once a year. These balls are then used to summon the cosmic entity known as Porunga. In addition to creating dragonballs, these Guardian Nameks have Power Control - Magnification at Am(50) rank (contact only. Think of Gurru.)

Also, 5% of all Nameks have the power to "Fuse" with other Nameks. This is really a combination of Physical, Spirit, and Power Gestalt. It is similar to the Uni-Mind of the Eternals (The fused Nameks become a Super-Namek not a brain like the Uni-Mind). This "Fusion" technique will only work with up to 3 Nameks. Unfortunately, it is also permanent. It is usually done when an old Namek is dying and wants to pass on his essence to another Namek (Think of Nael, Kami, and Piccolo).

During Character Generation, a Namek can choose to either increase 1 of his primary mental abilities +1CS (Reason, Intuition, or Psyche) or get 2 additional Power Points.
Fighting: Ty(6) Agility: Gd(10) Strength: Ty(6) Endurance: Rm(30)
Reason: Ex(20) Intuition: Gd(10) Psyche: Ex(20)
Health: 52 Karma: 50 Resources: Pr(4)/Rm(30) on own homeworld
Popularity: -5 on Earth/0 on other worlds.
Age: 5D10+15 years Height: 2d10+60" Weight: 6d10+140Lbs
Regeneration: Ex(20)
Armor Skin - Leather: Ty(6)
True Flight: Gd(10)
Longevity: Pr(4). Nameks have an average lifespan of 2,000 Terran years.
Hyper-Hearing: Rm(30)
Weakness: Namek physiology is reptilian based and is subject to temperature changes. Cold attacks are +1CS against them as they are more cold blooded than warm.

For some unusual reason sonic-based attacks can temporarily incapacitate them for 1-10 rounds.

A Namek's main weakness is his constant Psionic control of his body. If a Namek is being Mind Blasted, that Namek will find it very difficult to use his powers (this includes Regeneration.). To regain control, a Namek must make a Psyche FEAT against the power rank used against him. If the Namek rolls a white then he cannot use his powers. A green result lets him use his powers at -4CS; yellow at -2CS; red regains full control and a +1CS to further attempts to resist the attacking power's rank.
Talents: At least 1 science or professional, Trance.
Contacts: Planet Namek Beta (Namek Prime was rendered inhospitable due to a comet's collision with the planet's atmoshpere), Avengers (The Avengers helped to relocate the Nameks to Namek Beta).
Nameks of Note: Piccolo 1, Piccolo 2, Kami, Nael, Lord Slug, Guruu