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SssthThe Sssth are a race of reptilian humanoids from the planet Sszardil in the Sslirteep system of the Milky Way galaxy. The planet Sszardil has a gravity equal to that of 1.3xs that of Earth. Sssth have 2 red eyes, 3 fingers (including an opposable thumb) on each hand, 3 toes on each foot, and a tail.

The Sssth number an estimated 4.3 billion. The Sssth are ruled by provincial dictatorships and regard cunning, treachery, and assassination as virtues and acceptable means to advance one's self in intergalactic circles. The Sssth have warpdrives in their starships. Other than their starships, the Sssth are at an equal technology level as Earth. The Sssth have military and trading alliances with the Vrellnexians and the Planet Trade Guild. The Sssth are a major player in the intergalactic slave market. They enslave entire planetary populations and sell them to the highest bidders.

The Sssth regard Earth as a threat, because it was the Earth hero known as Thor who was responsible for the loss of the Sssth's Golden Star slaver center.
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Ty(6) Strength: Ex(20) Endurance: Gd(10)
Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Pr(4) Psyche: Pr(4)
Health: 56 Karma: 18 Resources: Pr(4)/Rm(30) on their homeworld.
Popularity: -5, -15 with races whose members have been enslaved by the Sssth.
Age: 3D10+15 years(Sssth have an average lifespan equal to that of Normal Humans.)
Height: 2d10+90" for females, 2d10+92" for males
Weight: 7d10+100LBS. for females, 7d10+140LBS. for males.
Natural Weaponry: Teeth. Sssth can bite through up to Ty(6) strength materials and do up to 10 points of edged damage with each bite.
Extra Body Parts: Combat Tail. Sssth can use their tails to do Rm(30) blunt damage.
Weakness: None.
Talents: Randomly generated.
Contacts: Sszardil(Homeworld)