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The race known as the "Changelings" have ruled entire star systems, starting with the region of space known as the Ice Nebula over 40 light years from Earth. "Changeling" is the Terran translation of their race's name.

The "Changelings" evolved from a species of shapeshifting hermaphroditic amphibious salamader-like creatures that could survive the vaccum of space indefinitely. In the past 2,000 years the "Changelings" achieved star-drive technology. They then used this to establish a vast empire built on trade. In the last 500 years a merchant house led by the "Changeling" who would later be known as King Kold, performed a hostile takeover of the board of director seats of the empire. Ever power hungry, King Kold proposed a business venture with the planet-eater known as Galactus. If Galactus granted Kold's family a portion of his cosmic power, Kold and his empire would provide Galactus with planets to consume.

Intrigued by this offer, Galactus agreed and infused Kold and his 2 sons(Frieza and Kooler) with the power cosmic. Unfortunately, for Kold and his family, the longer they use the power cosmic the more their bodies age and deteriorate. Despite this side-effect, the "Changeling" empire increased its profit margins (in the form of technology, raw materials, and new energy sources). This was accomplished through the combination of the might of House Kold(who had changed the name of their empire to the Planet Trade Guild) and the empire's vast mercenary army. The conquered planets(and/or the raw materials, technology, etc. of said planets) would then be sold to waiting buyers. 10% of the planets conquered would be given to Galactus as dividends for his investiture in Kold House.

Recently, the entire Kold House was wiped out by the descendants of 1 of the races whose planet was given to Galactus. Earth's Z-Team, led by its resident Saiyans Goku, and crowned Prince Vegeta, as well as Prince Trunks destroyed Kold and his sons in combat. As a result of the lack of leadership and the subsequent destruction of many of the Trade Guild's bases and fleets, the future of the "Changeling" race is uncertain. They are currently being hunted down by the survivors of the planets that were conquered or given to Galactus.
"Changelings" have 4 age category forms ranging from hatchling to adult. The stats for each category are as follows:
Hatchling StageFrieza
 Ty(6) Agility: Gd(10) Strength: Ty(6)
Endurance: Gd(10) Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Ty(6)
Psyche: Gd(10)
Health: 32 Karma: 26
Resources: Pr(4)/Am(50) on their homeworld.
Popularity: -10 on Earth, -50 with races whose planets were conquered by the Planet Trade Guild, 0 elsewhere.
Age: 10D10+50 years Height: 1d10+40" Weight: 6d10+40LBS.
Powers: Waterbreathing(Amphibious), Water Freedom, Self-Sustenance
Natural Weaponry:
 Horns do Gd(10) edged damage. Tail can be used to do up to Gd(10) blunt damage or Ty(6) Grappling.
True Flight: Gd(10)
Weakness: None. Talents: Business/Finance. Others are randomly generated.
Contacts: Planet Trade Guild(Business, CL1000 Resources).
Juvenile StageYoung Adult StageAdult Stage

Strength: Ex(20)
Health: 36
Popularity: -20 on Earth, -50 with races whose planets were conquered by the Planet Trade Guild, 0 elsewhere.
Age: 20D10+50 years
Height: 1d10+72"
Weight: 6d10+240LBS.
Natural Weaponry: Horns do Ex(20) edged damage.
All other stats are the same as the Hatchling form.

Fighting: Gd(10)
Health: 50
Popularity: -15 on Earth, -50 with races whose planets were conquered by the Planet Trade Guild, 0 elsewhere.
Age: 30D10+50 years
Height: 1d10+60"
All other stats are the same as the Juvenile form.

Agility: Ex(20)
Endurance: Ex(20)
Health: 70
Age: 40D10+50 years
Height: 1d5+60"
Natural Weaponry: Feet can be used as an extra set of hands for grappling and wrestling.
All other stats are the same as the Young Adult form.

"Changelings" of Note: Frieza, Kooler, King Kold