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KawaThe Kawa are a reptilian race from the planet Kawa in the Bawa-Kawa star system in the Andromeda galaxy.

The Kawa race was almost exterminated by Galactus' eternal hunger when the entity consumed their homeworld. The survivors (less than 50,000), those away from the planet in starships, underwent a profound cultural shock. They became obsessed with their race's perceived guilt (for being destroyed) and their own (for surviving). The survivors became a theocracy dedicated to seeking expiation and worshipping Galactus as their God of Vengeance. They periodically offer sacrifices to Galactus in the form of other worlds they lead him to. Any race that lost a world to Galactus considers the Kawa to be a race of genocidal religious fanatics.

Kawa employ immense, highly automated starships the size of planets. When the Kawa have selected a world for sacrifice, 2 such ships position themselves on opposite sides of the doomed world and surround it with an energy field that will attract Galactus' attention. If the Kawa involved fail in their intended sacrifice, they destroy themselves and their ships.

Kawa technology is highly advanced. They have achieved warpdrive techonology as well as gravimetric weaponry.

Kawa have 2 eyes (on head) with red pupils. They have 3 figners on each hand (including opposable thumb) and 3 toes on each foot (2 on the front of foot, 1 on back). Kawa have orange skin.

The Planet Trade Guild see the Kawa as a threat to their clients as well as a business rival. Fleet commanders of the Planet Trade Guild are paid bonuses for attacking Kawa ships. Kawa consider the Planet Trade Guild unworthy of serving Galactus' needs and will not hesitate to use their gravimetric weapons to cripple or destroy Planet Trade Guild ships.

Kawa view Earth as a shrine to Galactus in that Galactus was both killed and later ressurrected there.
Fighting: Ty(6) Agility: Ty(6) Strength: Gd(10) Endurance: Ex(20)
Reason: Ty(6) Intuition: Ty(6) Psyche: Ty(6)
Health: 42 Karma: 18 Resources: Pr(4)/Un(100) with their fleet.
Popularity: -5, -25 with races who have survived the destruction of their homeworlds by Galactus, -10 with members of the Planet Trade Guild.
Age: 3D10+15 years(Kawa have an average lifespan equal to that of Normal Humans.)
Height: 2d10+115" for females, 2d10+120" for males
Weight: 10d10+100LBS. for females, 10d10+140LBS. for males.
Armor Skin: Permanent. Leather. The thick scaly hides of Kawa give them Gd(10) protection against both energy and physical attacks.
Growth---Atomic Gain: Permanent. Fb(2).
Weakness: None.
Talents: Randomly generated.
Contacts: Galactus(he is worshiped as their deity).