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K'NassanK'Nassans inhabited the planet K'Nassa Prime in the Alpha Centauri System. K'Nassans are a race who's culture is driven by the development of mental powers and energies. K'Nassans evolved from amphibious fish-like creatures. In the Terran year of 1967, the K'Nassan homeworld was invaded by the forces of the Planet Trade Guild led by Saiyan mercenaries. The K'Nassans destroyed much of the Planet Trade forces, but were unaware of the Saiyan's Uzaru forms. As the planet's moon became full, the Saiyans transformed into their Uzaru forms. Within 3 days the K'Nassans were defeated. Only 50,000 K'Nassans were able to escape in starships to parts unknown.

K'Nassan technology is slightly ahead of Earth in that they have achieved warp drive technology. K'Nassan have psionic-based technology.

Until the invasion of the Planet Trade Guild's forces, K'Nassans had a Monarchy. With the death of their king, the future of K'Nassan government is unknown.
Fighting: Gd(10) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Gd(10) Endurance: Ex(20)
Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Ex(20) Psyche: Rm(30)
Health: 60 Karma: 60 Resources: Pr(4)/Ex(20) with K'Nassan Refugee Fleet.
Popularity: -5 on Earth/0 on other worlds.
Age: 2D10+15 years Height: 2d10+59" for females, 2d10+60" for males
Weight:6d10+100LBS. for females, 6d10+140LBS. for males
Water Freedom
Resistance to Cold:
 Gd(10). Their bodies are adapted to the cold temperatures of ocean depths.
Kinetic Control: Gd(10). K'Nassans are trained from birth to use 1 of the following power stunts:
  • Kinetic Bolt: Gd(10)
  • Telekinesis: Gd(10)

Weakness: K'Nassans must concentrate to use their psionic powers. If their concentration is blocked or disrupted somehow, they can only use their powers at -4CS for the 1st 1-100 turns. Subsequent effects of distraction result in -3CS for the 2nd instance; -2CS for the 3rd instance; -1CS for the 4th instance. The duration for this is 1-100 turns.
Talents: Trance, Resist Domination, Martial Arts D(K'Nassan Psi-Fist(similar to the Iron Fist style).
Contacts: K'Nassa Prime(former homeworld)