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QuonThe Quon come from the planet Quon in the Byjax III system of the Milky Way Galaxy. They evolved from an amphibious crocodillian species. They mate for life and have an estimated population of 4.3 billion. Their children are hatched from eggs ovivparously (being fertilized within the body, then being laid and hatched). The eggs have an incubation period of 5 to 10 years.

Quon have an aquatic-based socialist society. Quon are advanced in biochemical sciences which include pharmecueticals, cosmetics, and submersible bio-organic starships that can travel at warp speeds.

The Quons are a reclusive race who rarely interact with other races. Quons encountered Earth when a couple set down for emergency repairs and were mistaken for sea monsters.

Note: When on Earth, Quon use special pills that cosmetically alter their appearance to match that of the average human. They often take on employement in aquatic environments.

The Fantastic Four, coincidentally on vacation at Lost Lagoon, discovered the true nature of the Quons. They helped the repair the ship and also assisted a month later when the Quons returned in search of medical supplies. Quon consider Earth to be an exotic vacation spot.
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Ex(20) Endurance: Gd(10)
Reason: Ex(20) Intuition: Pr(4) Psyche: Ty(6)
Health: 70 Karma: 30 Resources: Pr(4) on Earth, Rm(30) on homeworld.
Popularity: 0, -5 on Earth.
Age: 2*(1D10+15)Quon have the equivalent lifespan of double that of a Normal Human.
Height: 1d10+70" for females and 1d10+72" for males.
Weight: 6D10+140LBS. for females and 6d10+180LBS. for males.
Water Freedom
Water Breathing:
 Quon have both gills and lungs.
UV-Vision: Rm(30)
Hyper-Swimming: Ty(6)
Armor Skin - Leather: Permanent. Ex(20).
Hyper-Strength: Gd(10). Temporary. Only the females have this. It only takes affect when they are protecting their eggs and/or hatchlings.
Weakness: Quon must immerse themselves in water for at least 1 hour or suffer 10 points of dehydration damage per day they are not immersed. The lost Health points can be recovered by being immersed in water for a number of hours equal to the amount of lost Health points divided by 10.
Talents: Biochemistry, otherwise randomly generated.
Contacts: Quon(Planetary, CL1000 Resources), Fantastic Four(Hero Group), Power Pack(Hero Group).