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ProcyoniteProcynites originate from the planet Perratin which is the second planet orbiting the star Procyon in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Procyonites have an estimated population of 3.4 billion and appear to have evolved from a reptile-like species similar to Earth's dinosaurs. They have 2 lidless eyes, 4 fingers with an opposable thumb, and 3 toes.

Their society is made up of a collection of large warrior tribe nations with a Stone Age equivalent technology level. They have no means of interplanetary travel, but have served as mercenaries for various starfaring races.

The vast majority of Procyonites are ignorant of Earth's existence.
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Pr(4) Strength: Ex(20) Endurance: Ex(20)
Reason: Pr(4) Intuition: Pr(4) Psyche: Fb(2)
Health: 64 Karma: 10 Resources: Pr(4)/Rm(30) on their homeworld.
Popularity: 0, -5 on Earth.
Age: 3D10+15 years(Procyonites have an average lifespan equal to that of a Normal Human)
Height: 2d10+70" for females, 2d10+77" for males
Weight: 10d10+100LBS. for females, 10d10+140LBS. for males.
Armor Skin: Permanent. Rigid Plates. The thick scaly plated hides of Procyonites give them Ty(6) protection against both energy and physical attacks. The armor-plated back shells of the Procynites give them Ex(20) protection against rear energy and physical attacks.
Natural Weaponry: The spikes along a Procyonite's shell are of Gd(10) material strength and can do Pr(4) edged damage. A Procyonite can use its tail as a spiked club by swinging it at an opponent in combat. The tail does Rm(30) blunt damage while the spikes on the tail can peirce up to Gd(10) material and do Pr(4) edged damage. Their claws can rend up to Gd(10) material and also do Pr(4) edged damage.
Weakness: None.
Talents: Randomly generated.
Contacts: Various starfaring races in which they serve as mercenaries.