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LupineLupines, a.k.a. Homo Lupus Sapiens, are a homonid race evolved from canids. This species were nomadic. Their territories ranged from the northern Canadian forests to as far south as Wakanda. The Lupines instinctively believe in the adages "Only the strong survive." and "survival of the fittest". Lupines are considered to be Mutants of the Random (Wild Child, Wolfsbane), Breed (Moon Clan, Bear Clan) types. Their actual appearance may be Human, Humanoid, Modified Human with extra parts, Modified Human---Muscular, Demihuman (any mammalian type), or Animal/Alien (mammalian type). The most notable Lupines are Wolverine (James Howlett), Sabertooth, Romulus, Remus, and Sasquatch.
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Gd(10) Endurance: Ex(20)
Reason: -1CS to a min. of Fb(2) Intuition: Ex(20) Psyche: -1CS to a min. of Pr(4)
Health: 70 Karma: varies Resources: Pr(4) Popularity: 0
Age: 6D10+30 years(Lupines have an average lifespan of 150 to 5,000 years depending on how many battles they survive and how strong their regenerative abilities are.)
Height: 2d10+59" for females, 2d20+60" for males
Weight: 8d10+100LBS. for females, 8d10+140LBS. for males
Each Lupine has 1D6 of the following powers:
Regeneration: max. equal to their Endurance rank.
Natural Weaponry: (min. of Gd(10) rank)
Resistance to Drugs & Toxins: min. equal to their Endurance +1CS.
Resistance to Aging: min. equal to their Endurance -1CS.
Resistance to Bio-Vampirism min. equal to their Endurance.
Abnormal Sensitivity
Tracking: min. equal to their Intuition rank.
Communicate with Animals: limited to mammals. Min. equal to their Psyche rank.
Empathy: limited to animals (mammals), feral beings, and other Lupine.
Hyper-Speed: max. equal to their Reason rank.
Hyper-Strength: max. equal to their Endurance rank.
Pheremones: max. equal to Reason rank.
Animal Mimicry: limited to carnivorous mammals.
Animal Transformation---Self: limited to carnivorous mammals.
Selective Adaptation: min. equal to Endurance +1CS.
Atomic Growth---Atomc Gain (Permanent): Fb(2).
Hyper-Leaping: max. equal to Strength +1CS.
Hyper-Running: max. equal to Strength rank.
When creating a Lupine, any resultant non-human appearance may take the place of any actual power.
Weakness: All Lupines have a Molecular Allergy to certain metals depending on what type of Lupine they are. Those of mystic origin may be damaged by iron or silver while those like Wolverine are affected by carbonadium and certain adamantium isotopes/alotropes. Weapons made of such metals affect Lupine as soon as they are wounded by them. The Lupine's Powers decrease -1CS per every 20 points of damage they suffer from being cut or peirced with those metals. The Lupine's Primary Abilities are also affected; these drop -1CS per 10 turns until a minimum rank of Ty(6) is reached for all of them. These effects last only for as long as the Lupine is being wounded by such a weapon. All Lupine are -2CS to resist their beastial instincts. As such, Animal Control, Pheremone, and Empathic powers are +2CS against them. They can only overcome this weakness by self-discipline and trainng (Wolverine, Daken, and Romulus).
Talents: Randomly generated.
Contacts: Their immediate family or clan/tribe, otherwise Randomly generated.