Bio-BroliBio-BroliReal Name: Broli
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Saiyan
Origin of Power: Creation(Bio-Broli is a genetically enhanced clone of the original Broli)
Fighting: In(40) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Am(50)
Endurance: Un(100) Reason: Pr(4) Intuition: Ty(6) Psyche: Ty(6)
Health: 210 Karma: 16 Resources: N/A
Popularity: 0
Age: 1 Height: 6' in normal state, 9' when flaring.
Weight: 215LBS in normal state, 615LBS when flaring.
Talents: Martial Arts B & E (Saiyan Shotokan, Karate, and various Terran martial arts.).
Contacts: Jaguar Industries(Business, Un(100) Resources)
Self Sustenance
True Flight:
Alter Ego: Unlike the original, Bio-Broli has a tail and has the Mn(75) ability to transorm into an Uzaru (see Saiyans) with the following stats:Selective Adaptation: See Saiyans
Power Flare: See Saiyans. The only difference in Bio-Broli's case is that he only needs to make a Green Endurance FEAT to maintain the Flare.
Body Resistance: In(40).
Hyperspeed: Rm(30)
Hyper-Leaping: Mn(75)
Resistance to Emotion Attacks: Am(50), except for those that cause anger and hate.
Resistance to Mental Attacks: Mn(75)
Energy Manipulation: Bio-Broli has the SX(150) ability to collect all the ambient energy within a 2 mile radius and focus it into 1 ball of energy and throw it for up to 100 points of force and 50 points energy damage. In space, Bio-Broli can use this power at its maximum and gather energy within a 8 mile radius. In a planet's atmosphere, Bio-Broli's energy ball's are limited to 75 points of force damage and 40 points of energy damage. Only in humanoid form.
Bio-Broli has the following power stunts:Recovery: Un(100).
Resistance to Aging & Disease: Mn(75). See Saiyans
Ability Shift: Bio-Broli can shift the majority of his energies into brute strength. He can only use this while flaring. The shift boosts his strength to Un(100). He can maintain this state by indefinitely. Unfortunately, his Health does not change, Fighting and Agility are -1CS for the Shift's duration. His Hyperspeed and Flight powers suffer a -2CS reduction for the duration. Also, Stun and Kill results are reduced by 1 color in this state. While in this state he has the following power:Power Detection: Ex(20).
Total Memory: Un(100), but limited to the memories of Broli's battles with the Z-Team.
Regeneration: Mn(75).
Weakness: See Saiyans. Because of his genetic reprogramming, Bio-Broli will only accept orders from Mr. Jaguar. Unfortunately, the scientists of Jaguar Industries failed to take into account Saiyan genetic fighting instincts.

As a result, Bio-Broli suffers a -2CS to resist his genetic fighting instincts.

Note: Bio-Broli is a genetically enhanced clone of the original Legendary Super Saiyan (See Saiyans, SS2). It took dumping a super amoebic life-form to initially stop him, even then he still managed to reform his body only to reach gigantic proportions!(+3CS to hit. Growth - Atomic Gain: Mn(75), Strength is increased to SZ(500). It is highly unlikely that anyone, short of maybe the Hulk (at his max. Strength), another Super Saiyan (in Uzaru form), Galactus, Thor(with his Belt of Strength), Kurse, Tyrant, Tri-Sentinel, or Captain Universe could go toe-to-toe with Bio-Broli in Uzaru form or in his giant state.

Days after the death of Broli, a vengeful conjurer scraped off a frozen drop of the Legendary Super Saiyan's blood from a rock in the blasted landscape that was Broli's last stand. Seeing the power of the Saiyan, the conjurer vowed to use it to get revenge on Goku and Prince Vegeta's sons, Goten and Trunks(II). To this end, the conjurer took the blood to Jaguar Industries and was richly rewarded by the company's CEO and owner, Mr. Jaguar. Broli's blood was quickly used in the company's Bio-Fighter Project on an island in the Meditteranean Sea. The project's goal was to create the ultimate bodyguards, fighters, and soldiers and sell them to the highest bidders. The project scientists recombinated DNA and RNA in artificial womb chambers to create Bio-Fighters. When the scientists unlocked the Saiyan genome, they were shocked at the potential of Saiyan DNA. Mr. Jaguar quickly ordered a clone of the Legendary Super Saiyan to be created using the best genetic enhancements at the project's disposal. The result was Bio-Broli. This enhanced clone was to be the ultimate Bio-Fighter with Mr. Jaguar as his master.

Consequently, it was Mr. Jaguar's need to avenge his childhood embarrassments on the fighter known as Hercule that led to Bio-Brioli's activation. Tricking Hercule into accepting the challenge to fight Bio-Broli, Mr. Jaguar was unaware that 2 of the fighters accompanying his old rival were Saiyans. He did not know that the very presence of Goten and Trunks(II) would awaken Bio-Broli. Before the 2 Saiyan children could destroy the tank that contained the clone, Bio-Broli was activated. The combined might of Android 18, Krillin, and the 2 Saiyans proved useless against the monstrous clone. Salvation, however, was at hand.

Ironicly, it was the very protoplasmic lifeform that was used as a template to create the bio-fighters that initially stopped Bio-Broli in his tracks. It consumed his body and power. Too late, the scientists realized that Bio-Broli was too powerful! The amoebic lifeform was exponentially increasing in mass and size from the sheer power it had abosrbed from its "meal". The "blob" flooded through the labs and into the castle that served as Jaguar Industries corporate headquarters. It consumed all organic matter it could find, including the vengeful conjurer, most of the bio-fighters, test animals, and most of the project's scientists.

Ultimately, what stopped the "blob" was exposure to salt water (thanks to Hercule's panicked splashing in the sea) that would permanently petrify it into a calcite-like state. It took the combined Kamehameha blasts of Krillin, Goten, and Trunks(II) to cause a mini-tsunami that rendered the "blob" inert. Moments later, a reformed, gigantic Bio-Broli rises from the water. Standing over 1,000 feet tall, the monstrous clone starts to attack the Z-Team. It's attack is stopped when its body suffers the same fate as the "blob". The 2 Saiyans ended the clone's threat to the world by blasting apart the petrified remains.

Note: Even though Jaguar Industries and its Bio-Fighter Project were destroyed, there are enough scientists who survived that hold the knowledge of Saiyan DNA. It is only a matter of time that another corporation and/or organization will attempt to use this knowledge again.