King Vegeta

King Vegeta IReal Name: Vegeta, 1st king of the Saiyans
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Saiyan
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: Rm(30) Agility: Rm(30) Strength: Rm(30)
Endurance: Rm(30) Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Gd(10)
Psyche: Ex(20)
Health: 120 Karma: 40 Resources: Un(100)
Popularity: 50 with Saiyans, 0 elsewhere
Age: 50 Height: 5'10' Weight: 185LBS.
Talents: Martial Arts B & E(Saiyan Shotokan), Military, Pilot(space), Leadership.
Contacts: Planet Vegeta Prime(Homeworld, destroyed), Prince Vegeta (Son), Bardock(Saiyan Elite Guardsman, deceased), Nappa(Saiyan Royal Guardsman, deceased), Raditz(Saiyan Royal Guardsman, deceased), Paragus(former chief Saiyan scientist, deceased), Zorn(Saiyan Elite Guardsman, deceased), Planet Trade Guild(Business, CL1000 Resources)
Self Sustenance: Mn(75)(only in Uzaru form), Temporary version only.
Alter Ego: King Vegeta had the Mn(75) ability to transform into an Uzaru (see Saiyans) with the following stats:Selective Adaptation: See Saiyans. Am(50)
Power Flare: See Saiyans. Am(50)
Body Resistance: Gd(10).
Hyperspeed: Gd(10).
Hyper-Leaping: In(40)
Energy Manipulation: King Vegeta was able to channel the ambient energy around him and release it as a force or energy blast of Rm(30) rank. Only in humanoid form.
Recovery: Ex(20).
Resistance to Aging & Disease: Ex(20).
Weakness: See Saiyans. Because of his focus on military discipline, King Vegata recieved a +1CS on all attempts to resist his genetic fighting instincts.

Note: King Vegeta is not a Super Saiyan. He is a member of the Saiyan Elite. He is also responsible for the initial murders of Paragus and Broli. Because of this, both Paragus and Broli will seek revenge on any member of the Royal family.

After leading his people to victory against the Tsufuruns, Vegeta I was the 1st king of the Saiyan race. He alone was responsible for the unification of the Saiyan people under one rule. Unfortunately, his pride led to not only his own downfall, but the near extinction of his entire race.

Intrigued by the ancient prophesies of the first Saiyans, Vegeta I decided to make his bloodline the one to create the 1st Super-Saiyan in 3,000 years. He had his son Vegeta II trained in the ancient fighting styles of the Saiyans in the hopes that one day one of his descendants would become a Super-Saiyan.

Unfortunately, the first Super-Saiyan had already been born. It was the newborn infant son of the Chief Saiyan Scientist, Paragus. His name was Broli. Jealousy, paranoia, and anger overcame the king. In a fit of rage, he had both Paragus and Broli executed. Little did he know that he had just ordered a potential future savior of the Saiyan race to be killed. After the execution, Saiyan scout ships spotted the orb-like spacecraft of Galactus approaching Vegeta Prime.

Knowing the threat this entity would pose to his planet, King Vegeta ordered his people to evacuate the planet. King Vegeta then had his Royal Guards escort Prince Vegeta safely off planet. The King gathered the remaining members of the Saiyan Elite (300) to do battle with Galactus. As the Planet-Eater landed on the Planet, King Vegeta and his forces power flared and attacked the entity. In less than 1 hour, all but the king and 8 Saiyan Elite (including Bardock) were still alive. Galactus, thinking the Saiyans neutralized, failed to notice the full moon lighting up the night sky. The last of Vegeta Prime's defenders transformed into Uzarus and pummeled Galactus into the ground. Enraged at being physically beaten by these strange creatures, Galactus flew up to his waiting ship. As the defenders attempted to intercept, Galactus activated his ship's matter/energy convertors. The resultant energy streams from the ship's machines immediately killed all but the Elite Guardsman, Bardock. As Bardock fell mortally wounded towards his doomed planet he saw a vision that one day a Saiyan from his bloodline would become the next Golden Uzaru and have the power to humble Galactus. Galactus then absorbed the energies of the planet. The shockwave of the planet's destruction destroyed all but 7 of the Saiyan escape ships.