Saiyan Space Capsule

Saiyan Space PodAppearance: Looks like a giant cue ball with a window in the front. It is a 1-seat craft.
True Flight: CL1000 (cannot go into hyper-space)
Micro-Environment: Am(50). Limited to the interior of the craft. Saiyans usually adjust it to give them a heavy gravity environment. This usually allows them to boost up their stats while on their way to missions.
Suspended Animation: Am(50). This is a built-in stasis chamber. It allows a Saiyan to hibernate during long space flights.
Linguistics: Am(50). Can translate spoken languages at power rank ability.
Remote Activation: Am(50). The capsule flight computers can home in on a Scouter's signal.
Material Strength: In(40) Tech Rank: SZ(500)
Availability: Only used by Saiyans and Shi'ar shocktroops or elite guardsmen. Capsule Corp. has managed to create an enlarged version that can transport more than 1,000 passengers at a time and has a warp drive.