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Body Adaptation

This is related to Self-Sustenance and Selective Adaptation.

The hero's body automatically adapts its physiology to enable it to survive in hostile environments. Unlike many of the other Powers that also permit this, Body Adaptation physically changes the hero's body. This Power involves automatically functioning versions of Body Transformation and Shapeshifting. The Power changes the hero into a form that has primary abilities proportional to the new environment. Example: An Adapting hero in a heavy-gravity world might now possess Mn Strength, but so do all the natives.

Note: If the hero possesses a Strength rank greater than Ty, that CS is carried over into the new situation. In the above example, if the hero possessed Rm Strength on Earth, he possesses SY Strength on the heavy world.

The hero can completely adapt in 1-10 turns, depending on the degree of difference between the new and home environments (Judge's discretion).

The adaptation may provide the hero with new ways to move. On a water world, the hero might sprout fins.

There is only 1 adaptation for each type of environment, and it is triggered automatically by the hero's entrance into the new environment. The Power cannot provide the hero with protection against hazards that suddenly occur; a prime example is the hero failing from a great height. This is a hazardous situation, but not a hazardous environment.

When adaptation occurs, the hero gains the subconscious knowledge of how to use the new adaptations for survival. If not, we waste game time while the hero learns to breathe. At SX, the hero can consciously control the manner of adaptation.

Range: None.