PorungaPhysical Form: Deity (Cosmic Entity)
Origin of Power: Creation
Fighting: Un(100) Agility: Un(100) Strength: CL1000(1000)
Endurance: CL3000(3000) Reason: Un(100) Intuition: Un(100)
Psyche: CL1000(1000)
Health: 4200 Karma: 1200 Resources: N/A
Popularity: 0, 100 among Nameks.
Age: N/A Height: 1,000'+ Weight: 100 tons+
Powers: It is unclear what powers Porunga has. These are the powers he has demonstrated so far.
Reality Alteration: CL3000. Porunga has the ability to grant 3 wishes. These wishes must be made in the language of the Nameks. The following are considered power stunts:True Flight: CL3000.
Extradimensional Detection: CL1000
Life Detection: CL1000
Weather Control: Un(100)
Cosmic Awareness: CL1000.
Weakness: Because of his great size, Porunga is +5CS to hit. Porunga can only remain in any Earth dimension for up to 1 hour. This is due to the tremendous energies needed to sustain his presence in the dimension.
Contacts: Nameks