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Android 18

Android 18Real Name: Unknown.
Physical Form: Android - Bio-Synthetic
Origin of Power: Technical Procedure
Fighting: In(40) Agility: In(40) Strength: Am(50)
Endurance: In(40) Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Gd(10)
Psyche: Ex(20)
Health: 170 Karma: 40 Resources: Rm(30)
Popularity: formerly -10; now 20
Age: N/A(Her body appears as that of a 21 year old human)
Height: 5'6" Weight: 165LBS.
Talents: Martial Arts A, B, C, E (karate), Acrobatics, Tumbling, Performer (singer/model), Military, Business.
Contacts: Dr. Gerro (Deceased), Android 17 (brother), Android 16 (deceased), Krillin (husband), Capsule Corp. (Engineering, Aerospace, Physics, and Electronics, Am Resources), Z-Team (Hero Group, Rm Resources).
Powers: 18 is a bio-synthetic construct. Her body's cells are made up of bio-synthetic proteins (think of Andro from Dr. Doom's sourcebook). This means that she can reproduce like a Normal Human, but her children will not have powers.
Self Sustenance
True Invulnerability:
 In(40). 18's bio-synthetic body gives her this power.
Energy Blast: In(40). 18 can fire either energy or force blasts from her hands at rank range.
True Flight: Am(50)
Hyperspeed: Gd(10)
Combat Protocol: 18's combat system is programmed to counter the fighting techniques of Goku. When fighting Goku, 18 gets a +1CS to all her FEATs.
Weakness: Because of damage to her synthetic DNA and RNA when she was absorbed by Cell, 18 suffers from Anemia. She can only use her powers and abilities at maximum ranks for up to 10 turns. Any longer and she begins losing 10 points of Health per turn afterword until she rests or eats.

Note: 18 is a reserve member of the Z-Team. She is an official spokesmodel for many of Capsule Corp.'s products and serves as a board member of the company.

After Goku, Bulma, and Krillin(as teens) destroyed the remnants of the Red Ribbon Army, the Army's leader, Dr. Gerro decided to build super-powered androids. Each android would have the might of a small army. Dr. Gerro took the last survivors of the army and transferred their minds into waiting Android bodies. He then erased most of their memories and implanted false ones to control his creations. As added insurance, the Dr. built a shutdown remote switch that can deactivate the androids if they rebelled. Dr. Gero then transferred his own mind into an android body.

Unfortunately for Dr. Gerro, his memory erasures of 17 and 18 were not complete. The brother and sister androids rebelled and were subsequently deactivated by Gero. After Gerro was defeated by the Z-Team he fled to his secret mountain lab and reactivated 17 and 18. Thinking they would help him fight the Z-Team, Gerro understimated the siblings' rebellious nature. As a result, the Dr. and his remote control were destroyed by the androids.

Consequently, the Z-Team and the time-traveling teen Trunks confronted the androids only to be soundly defeated. Prince Vegeta and Trunks were badly beaten by 18 while 17 nearly killed both Piccolo and Tien. Krillin could only watch in fear as the very androids that future Trunks warned the Z-Team about were revealed. It was at this point that 18 met Krillin(who fell in love with her). Bulma then sent a distress message to the Avengers only to find that they were on an off-world mission and would not return for 2 weeks. The Z-Team was on their own.

17 and 18 then activated 16 who was specifically designed to destroy Goku. The trio roamed the countryside in search of Goku, but were unaware that they were being hunted by the bio-organic android known as Cell. In time the androids were confronted by the Super-Namek named Kamicollo. 17 and the Namek fought to a stalemate and were exhausted when Cell ambushed them. Cell mortally wounded Kamicollo and attempted to absorb 17. 16 intervened and tore off Cell's tail. It was at this time that Krillin arrived with a deactivation remote control that Bulma had built using Dr. Gerro's blue prints. Krillin was spotted by 18. Seeing the fear and dread in her eyes at being permanently deactivated, Krillin destroyed the remote.

Unfortunately, 16 had not counted on Cell's regenerative capabilities. Cell had regrown his tail and then absorbed 17. The resultant evolutiion of the organic android made him more powerful than 16. After a brief battle, Cell had severly damaged 16. Realizing the secret of Cell's power, 16 and 18 fled to islands in the Pacific. In the meantime, Tien intercepted the pursuing Cell. Tien used his gravity-effect powers to their limits and fell unconscious. Before Cell could finish the mystic mutant off, Goku teleported to Tien's side and rescued both Tien and Kamicollo by teleporting with them back to Kami's Look-out.

After finishing their training in the hyperbolic-time chamber, Vegeta and Trunks(alternate future) intercepted Cell. As a show of power, Prince Vegeta used his Ability Shift to give himself the brute strength he needed to defeat the organic android. After less than 10 minutes of fighting, Cell realized that he could not defeat the Saiyan prince unless he absorbed 18 to evolve to his final form. Using Vegeta's pride to his advantage, Cell convinced the prince to allow him to absorb 18. In his arrogance, Vegeta agreed. Enraged at his father's decision, Trunks attacked Vegeta. This distraction allowed Cell to absorb 18 and evolve to his Perfect form.

11 days later, the Cell games began. These games were really a tournament that was to decide the fate of Earth. During the last round of battle, an angered Gohan(now SS2) used his Disruption powers to humiliate Cell. The attack caused Cell's body to expel 18 and revert to his semi-Perfect form. 1 hour later the threat of Cell was ended forever(hopefully).

The Z-Team(minus a dead Goku) did not know what to do with 18. It was Krillin who asked the Eternal Dragon of Earth to remove the self-destruct failsafe from within 18 so that she can live a normal life without fear of being used as a weapon for evil. This act of kindness led 18 to care about and respect Krillin. Within 3 years the 2 former enemies were married and had a daughter named Marron(after Krillin's ex-girlfriend).

At the end of the World Martial Arts Tournament, Android 18 (who lost to Hercule for financial reward) confronted Hercule and demanded her payment for helping him win the tournament. Hercule agreed on the condition that she defeat the bio-fighters of Mr. Jaguar. Android 18, along with Goten and Trunks(2) made quick work of the fighters. They were beaten to a pulp, however by Mr. Jaguar's ultimate bio-fighter---Bio-Broli. 18 was simply no match for the clone and was only saved by the intervention of her husband Krillin. Low on energy, 18 was forced to watch helplessly as her husband and the Saiyan half-breeds battled and defeated the monstrous bio-fighter. After recovering from her energy loss, 18 finally forced Hercule to pay her for both the tournament and the battle with the bio-fighters.

18 is unaware that when Goku asked the Eternal Dragon to bring back to life the people killed by Cell, her brother 17 was brought back as well.