Lord Slug

Old Lord SlugYoung Lord SlugReal Name: Lord Sluga(Slug is the English translation of his name)
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Namek
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement

Note: The stats listed after the "/" are Lord Slug's stats after the Eternal Dragon of Earth grants his wish for eternal youth.

Fighting: Ex(20)/In(40) Agility: Gd(10)/Rm(30) Strength: Ex(20)/In(40)
Endurance: Rm(30)/Am(50) Reason: Ex(20) Intuition: Ex(20) Psyche: Am(50)
Health: 80/160 Karma: 90 Resources: Am(50), Un(100) with the Nightsiders.
Popularity: -30 on Earth Z and with elder Nameks, 0 elsewhere
Age: 2,000+ Height: 6'4"/6'7" in normal state. Weight: 175LBS/225LBS. in normal state.
Talents: Martial Arts B, D & E(Namekian Psi-tokan), Trance, Pilot(air/space).
Contacts: Nightsiders(an alliance of alien races from the Dark Nebula, Un(100) Resources), Planet Namek Prime(destroyed).
Regeneration: Ex(20)/In(40)
True Flight: Rm(30)/Am(50)
Longevity: Pr(4). Nameks have an average lifespan of 2,000 Terran years.
Hyper-Hearing: Rm(30). This is increased +2CS when in giant form.
Self-Duplication: Gd(10). (See Namek).
Mental Probe: Am(50) with a maximum range of Contact only.
Teleport - Self: Fb(2). Lord Slug must make a Red Psyche FEAT to use this power. Once used, he is -2CS on all Psyche FEATs for 1-10 turns.
Elongation: Lord Slug can stretch both arms up to 3 areas away or 1 arm up to 6 areas away.
Telekinesis: Rm(30).
Growth - Atomic Gain: Gd(10). He has the following stats when in giant form:
  • Height: 26'4"
  • Weight: 2,250LBS.
  • Strength: Mn(75)
  • Health: Health does not change.
  • +1CS to hit.
Light Generation: Rm(30). From hands & fingers. Lasers.
Plasma Generation: Ex(20)/In(40) from hands or mouth(-2CS, uses this attack in giant form most of the time), Ty(6)/Ex(20) Light & Radiation.
Resistance to Cold: Rm(30).
Armor Skin -Leather: Gd(10)/Rm(30). Provides rank protection against physical and energy attacks.
Weakness: Lord Slug has developed a resistance to cold based attacks and no longer suffers from that weakness of his race.

For some unusual reason sonic-based attacks can temporarily incapacitate them for 1-10 rounds. To avoid this, Nameks must make both a successful Intuition and Psyche FEAT for every round they are exposed to this type of attack. Because Lord Slug's Hyper Hearing increases in giant form, sonic attacks are +2CS against him while he is in giant form. In giant form, a sonic attack can cause him to be -4CS on all FEATs for as long as he is exposed to the attack. While exposed to sonics, Lord Slug cannot assume his normal state. He is locked in giant form for the duration of the attack.

A Namek's main weakness is his constant Psionic control of his body. If a Namek is being Mind Blasted, that Namek will find it very difficult to use his powers (this includes Regeneration and Recovery, but not Armor Skin, Resistance to Cold, or Hyper-Hearing.). To regain control, a Namek must make a Psyche FEAT against the power rank used against him. If the Namek rolls a white then he cannot use his powers. A green result lets him use his powers at -4CS; yellow at -2CS; red regains full control and a +1CS to further attempts to resist the attacking power's rank.
2,000 Terran years ago, a war broke out on Planet Namek Prime. There were 2 factions in these wars---1) The Super Nameks 2) The Elder Nameks. The Super Nameks, led by Lord Slug's ancestor, were a group of Nameks who had the ability to assume a giant state. They believed that the Namek race should conquer the known universe. The Elder Nameks, led by Gurru and Kataat's ancestor and backed by the general populace of Namek Prime, believed in an isolationist policy.

With the Elder Nameks victorious, many of the Super Nameks were banished from Namek Prime. Some of them even fled to Earth. In the time of Earth's European Middle Ages, another war between the Super & Elder Nameks broke out on Namek Prime. The Elder Nameks used their dragonballs to summon the entity known as Porunga. They then had Porunga use his powers to help them defeat the Super Nameks.

The Super Nameks who survived fled to the corners of the universe. Lord Slug was among these. He fled to a region of space called the Dark Nebula. This region has very little solar radiation (or light for that matter). On arrival he used his powers to unite the various alien races of the Nebula. This coallition of races was called the Nightsiders. Lord Slug then used them to build fleets of ships to plunder the resources of other planets through terrafreezing.

In the 1980s (Terran Years) the aged Lord Slug (ancient by Namek standards) then decided to conquer the inhabited planets of the Sol system in the Milky Way galaxy. He took his fleet's flagship and his personal bodyguards along with some of his best shocktroops to conquer Earth. Once on Earth he dispatched his forces to destroy any armed resistance. The Nightsider forces had not counted on the youngest member of the Z-Team, Gohan, or his mother Chichi. The 2 fought off an entire squad of Nightsiders until the intervention of Lord Slug's personal bodyguards captured them along with Bulma.

Upon seizing the dragonball that adorned Gohan's hat and probing Bulma's mind, Lord Slug orders his forces to use Bulma's Dragon Radar to gather the rest of the dragonballs.

Once gathered, Lord Slug summoned the Eternal Dragon of Earth. The Dragon granted Lord Slug's wish of eternal youth. The Nightsiders then used their Nebula Spire to terrafreeze the planet.

The rejuvenated Super Namek and his forces soon found themselves in battles with the Z-Team soon after. Piccolo and Goku soon make short work of Lord Slug's bodyguards while the other team members dealt with the shocktroops. Lord Slug then battled Goku. After breaking Lord Slug's left arm, a spent Goku is shocked at the revelation that Lord Slug is a Namek. Enraged at the thought of Earth's future in the hands of Lord Slug and the Nightsiders, Goku nearly transforms into a Super Saiyan. He pummels the Namek into the ground only to be flung back when Lord Slug reveals himself to be a Super Namek by assuming his giant state. Goku and Piccolo were on the losing end until Piccolo convinced Gohan to whistle a high pitched tune. Piccolo then tore his own ears off to protect himself from the sounds. Lord Slug was not so fortunate. He was brought to his knees by the sonics. This gave Piccolo the opportunity to transfer his energies and mind into Goku. The reenergized Goku soundly defeated the Super Namek. Goku then flew up to destroy the Nebula Spire only to be intercepted by a now normal-sized Lord Slug. Goku used an energy blast to send the Super Namek crashing into the Spire. Lord Slug was killed in the resultant explosion of the Nebula Spire.

Years later, Lord Slug would return as an ethereal entity due to the plan to destroy all Saiyans that was hatched by the Tsufuran known as Dr. Raichi.