Piccolo(Frieza to Pre-Cell Saga)

PiccoloReal Name: Piccolo-Ma-Junior/Nael-Ma-Gurru, Son of Piccolo-Ma-Kataat/Son of Gurru.
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Namek
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: Am(50) Agility: Am(50) Strength: In(40)
Endurance: Mn(75) Reason: Rm(30) Intuition: Rm(30)
Psyche: Am(50)
Health: 215 Karma: 110
Resources: Ty(6), Rm(30) with the Z-Team, Rm(30) on Namek Beta.
Popularity: -20 on Earth Z, 10 on Namek Beta, 0 elsewhere
Age: 25 Height: 6'3" in normal state.
Weight: 185LBS. in normal state.
Talents: Martial Arts B & E (Shotokan, Kick-Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Goju), Martial Arts B & D & E (Namekian Psi-tokan), Trance, Student, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Resist Domination, Trance, Pilot (air/space).
Contacts: Kataat(Grandfather, Deceased), Gurru(Nael's father, Deceased), Dende-Ma-Gurru(Nael's younger brother, Un(100) Resources, Guardian of Earth), Z-Team (Rm(30) Resources, Hero Group), Kami ("Uncle/Brother", Un(100) Resources, Guardian of Earth), Piccolo-Ma-Kataat(father, Deceased).
Regeneration: In(40)
True Flight: Am(50)
Levitation: Rm(30)
Hyperspeed: Rm(30)
Longevity: Pr(4). Nameks have an average lifespan of 2,000 Terran years. Due to the fusion of Nael into Piccolo, this new version of Piccolo has an average life span of 4,000 years.
Hyper-Hearing: Am(50)

Self-Duplication: Rm(30). (See Namek) By making a Green Psyche FEAT, Piccolo can create up to 3 temporary duplicates of himself that have all his abilities and powers at -3CS; Yellow Psyche FEAT gives duplicates with  -2CS, Red Psyche FEAT gives duplicates -1CS. The duplicates can last up to 30 rounds, until Piccolo reabsorbs them, or until they are destroyed. Piccolo does not lose karma if a temporary duplicate is killed. Piccolo must still make a red FEAT for successful reproduction).
Artifact Creation: Rm(30). Piccolo has used this power to create the following:Telepathy: Rm(30)
Power Detection: In(40)
Elongation: Piccolo can stretch both arms up to 6 areas away or 1 arm up to 12 areas away.
Power Transferral: In(40). Piccolo can only use this with willing targets at touch range only. He has developed the following Power Stunts:Mind Transferral: Rm(30). Contact only. Piccolo must make a Red Psyche FEAT to do this, failure leaves him unconscious for 1 to 30 rounds. Piccolo can only transfer his own mind.
Telekinesis: In(40).
Sensory Link: CL1000. Piccolo's lifeforce is linked with Kami's. if one suffers damage the other feels it too. Due to the infusion of Nael's essence, Piccolo's lifeforce has been strengthened. He only needs to make a Yellow Psyche FEAT and expending half of his Karma points, Piccolo can lessen the damage felt through the link by up to 50 points.
Growth - Atomic Gain: Pr(4). He has the following stats when in giant form:Electrical Generation: Rm(30). From hands.
Resistance to Electricity: Rm(30).
Armor Skin -Leather: Rm(30). Provides rank protection against physical and energy attacks.
Plasma Control: Rm(30). Piccolo has developed the following power stunts:
Resistance to Plasma: Rm(30).
Recovery: In(40).
Total Memory: This is really genetic memory in that Piccolo-Ma-Kataat's and Nael-Ma-Gurru's memories exist in Piccolo-Ma-Junior's mind. This gives Piccolo-Ma-Junior a +1CS to all FEATs against any opponents his father or Nael had fought(namely Tien, Roshi, Muten-Roshi, Kami, Frieza, and Goku).
Kinetic Control: Rm(30). Because of his fusion with Nael as well as traditional Namekian training, Piccolo has developed the following power stunts:

Weakness: Namek physiology is reptilian based and is subject to temperature changes. Cold attacks are +1CS against them as they are more cold blooded than warm.

For some unusual reason sonic-based attacks can temporarily incapacitate them for 1-10 rounds. To avoid this, Nameks must make both a successful Intuition and Psyche FEAT for every round they are exposed to this type of attack.

A Namek's main weakness is his constant Psionic control of his body. If a Namek is being Mind Blasted, that Namek will find it very difficult to use his powers (this includes Regeneration and Recovery, but not Armor Skin, Resistance to Electricity, or Hyper-Hearing.). To regain control, a Namek must make a Psyche FEAT against the power rank used against him. If the Namek rolls a white then he cannot use his powers. A green result lets him use his powers at -4CS; yellow at -2CS; red regains full control and a +1CS to further attempts to resist the attacking power's rank.

As mentioned aboved, Piccolo's lifeforce is linked with Kami's. If Kami dies so does Piccolo and vice versa.