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KamiReal Name: Kami-Ma-Kataat, Son of Kamiccolo-Ma-Kataat.
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Namek
Origin of Power: Endowment
Fighting: Rm(30) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Ex(20)
Endurance: Am(50) Reason: Rm(30) Intuition: Am(50)
Psyche: Am(50)
Health: 120 Karma: 130 Resources: Un(100). Popularity: 0
Age: 250 Height: 6'. Weight: 165LBS.
Talents: Martial Arts A, B, D, & E(Shotokan, Kick-Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Goju, Chinese Shadow Boxing, Tai Chi), Resist Domination, Trance, Occult Lore.
Contacts: Kataat(Grandfather, Deceased), Kamiccolo(Father, Deceased), Piccolo-Ma-Kataat(Brother, deceased), Piccolo-Ma-Junior("Nephew/Brother"), Z-Team (Rm(30) Resources, Hero Group).
Staff of the Guardian
True Flight: Ex(20)
Levitation: Ex(20)
Hyperspeed: Ty(6)
Longevity: Pr(4). Nameks have an average lifespan of 2,000 Terran years.
Hyper-Hearing: Rm(30)
Self-Duplication: See Namek.
Artifact Creation: Kami has the ability to create "Dragonballs." This ability is a combination of Artifact Creation, Energy Source Creation, and Power Creation at CL1000 rank. He can only create Dragonballs (which come 7 at a time) once a year. These balls are then used to summon the cosmic entity known as Shenron.
Telepathy: Un(100)
Power Detection: Am(50)
Energy Sheath - Light: Am(50).
Resistance to Light: Am(50).
Armor Skin -Leather: Gd(10). Provides rank protection against physical and energy attacks.
Light Emission: Am(50), from any location.
Recovery: Ex(20).
Clairvoyance: Un(100).
Clairaudience: Un(100).
Extradimensional Detection: Un(100).
Life Detection: Un(100).
Cosmic Awareness: Am(50).
Sensory Link: CL1000. Kami's lifeforce is linked with Piccolo's. If one suffers damage the other feels it too. By making a Red Psyche FEAT and expending half of his Karma points, Kami can lessen the damage felt through the link by up to 50 points.
Dimensional Travel: Un(100).
Astral Body: Am(50). Kami has developed the following power stunts:Exorcism: Rm(30). Kami has developed the following power stunt:Biophysical Control - Healing: Am(50)
Weakness: Namek physiology is reptilian based and is subject to temperature changes. Cold attacks are +1CS against them as they are more cold blooded than warm.

For some unusual reason sonic-based attacks can temporarily incapacitate them for 1-10 rounds. To avoid this, Nameks must make both a successful Intuition and Psyche FEAT for every round they are exposed to this type of attack.

A Namek's main weakness is his constant Psionic control of his body. If a Namek is being Mind Blasted, that Namek will find it very difficult to use his powers (this includes Regeneration and Recovery, but not Armor Skin, Resistance to Electricity, or Hyper-Hearing.). To regain control, a Namek must make a Psyche FEAT against the power rank used against him. If the Namek rolls a white then he cannot use his powers. A green result lets him use his powers at -4CS; yellow at -2CS; red regains full control and a +1CS to further attempts to resist the attacking power's rank.

As mentioned aboved, Piccolo's lifeforce is linked with Kami's. If Kami dies so does Piccolo and vice versa.