Kooler (Bardock Saga to Kooler's Revenge)

Kooler - Adult Stage
Kooler - Adult Stage
Real Name: Kooler of House Kold
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - "Changeling"
Origin of Power: Endowment
Fighting: In(40) Agility: In(40) Strength: Am(50)
Endurance: Mn(75) Reason: Ex(20) Intuition: Ex(20)
Psyche: Am(50)
Health: 205 Karma: 90 Resources: Un(100)/SY(250) on homeworld.
Popularity: -15 on Earth, -50 with races whose planets were conquered by the Planet Trade Guild, 0 elsewhere.
Age: 300 years Height: 5'10" Weight: 200LBS.
Powers: Waterbreathing(Amphibious)
Water Freedom
Natural Weaponry:
 Tail can be used to do up to Mn(75) blunt damage or Am(50) Grappling. Feet can be used as an extra set of hands for grappling and wrestling.
True Flight: Am(50)
Talents: Business/Finance, Pilot(air/space), Martial Arts D, B, C, E, Acrobatics, Underwater & Aerial Combat(Changeling martial arts focus on incorperating their tails into their fighting styles).
Contacts: Planet Trade Guild(Business, CL1000 Resources), King Kold(father), Frieza(brother).

Note: Due to the infusion of the power cosmic into Kooler and House Kold as well as further genetic enhancements, Kooler now has the following powers:
Ability Shift: Am(50). By making a Red Psyche, Power, and Endurance FEAT, Kooler can shift the majority of his cosmic energies evenly into brute Strength and Fighting. By doing so he can boost his Strength to Mn(70) and Fighting to Am(60). To maintain this boost, Kooler must sacrifice 1 Health point per turn and -1CS to his Endurance rank every 10 turns. If unconscious or suffering more than 50 points of damage in 1 turn, Kooler automatically shifts back to his normal state. While "Shifted", Kooler grows spines on his forearms and head that do Ex(20) damage and can pierce up to In(40) strength materials.
Hyperspeed: Rm(30). By making a Yellow Power FEAT, Kooler can combine his Hyperspeed with his Flight power to fly at Mn(70) speeds for 1-10 turns.
Light Emission: Am(50), limited to laser blasts from eyes and fingers to do either energy or force damage. He has shown the following power stunts:

  • By making a Yellow Power FEAT, Kooler can create laser or force bursts of Rm(30) rank that damage anything within the target's area.
True Invulnerability: In(40).
Darkforce Manipulation: Am(50) with the following power stunts:
  • By making a green Endurance FEAT while "shifted", Kooler can internalize the Darkforce energy to increase his True Invulnerability, Hyperspeed, and Flight by 10 points for 1-10 turns.
Disruption: Am(50). The power is used as a range radius effect centered around Kooler's body that has the following side effects:
  • The Disruption field can disrupt a planet's environment. It has the effect of the Geoforce power at the current Disruption rank with a range radius of the current Disruption rank Xs 10'.
  • The Disruption field can disrupt a planet's weather patterns. It has the effect of the Weather Control power at the current Disruption rank -1CS with a range radius equal to the current Disruption rank -1CS.
Kooler has limited control over the side-effects of his Disruption power. He has, however, developed the following power stunt for his Disruption power:
  • By making a Yellow Reason FEAT, a Red Power FEAT, and a Red Psyche FEAT, Kooler can combine the majority of his energies into a sphere of anti-matter that does a 100 points of energy and 90 points of force damage. This attack has the additional effect of triggering the side-effects of his Disruption power at a boost of 30 points that affects the entire planet the sphere explodes on. This attack can destabilize a planet's core and atmosphere that can render it uninhabitable in a matter of hours.

Weakness: The secret to the power of House Kold is also their greatest weakness. Like his father (King Kold) and younger brother (Frieza), Kooler has been infused with a fraction of the power cosmic by Galactus. As a means of safeguarding himself from betrayal by his "business" partners, Galactus did not reshape their bodies to better channel the vast energies of the power cosmic as he did his Heralds. As a result of this, Kooler loses 1 Health point per round per every use of the power cosmic. Lost Health points can only be regained through rest. For every use of the Power Cosmic beyond Gd(10), Kooler ages 1 year. Because of his continued use of the power cosmic, Kooler has lost the ability to Age Shift.