ShenronPhysical Form: Deity(Cosmic Entity)
Origin of Power: Creation
Fighting: Un(100) Agility: Un(100)
Strength: SZ(500) Endurance: CL1000(1000)
Reason: Un(100) Intuition: Un(100) Psyche: SZ(500)
Health: 1700 Karma: 700 Resources: N/A
Popularity: 0, 50 among Nameks.
Age: N/A Height:1,000'+ Weight: 100 tons+
Powers: It is unclear what powers Shenron has. These are the powers he has demonstrated so far.
Reality Alteration: CL1000. Shenron has the ability to grant 2 wishes. These wishes must be made in any Terran(Earthling) or Namekian language. The following are considered power stunts:True Flight: CL1000.
Extradimensional Detection: CL1000
Life Detection: CL1000
Weather Control: Am(50)
Cosmic Awareness: CL1000.
Weakness: Because of his great size, Shenron is +5CS to hit. Porunga can only remain in any Earth dimension for up to 1 hour. This is due to the tremendous energies needed to sustain his presence in the dimension.
Contacts: Porunga ("Parent"), Kamiccolo-Ma-Kataat, Kami, Dende.
Shenron is a "child" of the Namekian eternal dragon, Porunga. Shenron was created to serve as an immortal(or neutral deity) to Earth. Unfortunately, the original Guardian Namek that was chosen to serve as the conduit for the necessary psychic and dimensional energies was Kamiccolo-Ma-Kataat. This Namek was psychicly unbalanced and was chaotic in nature.

As a result his chaotic energies were used to create the Black Star Dragonballs. These balls were the original components of the summoning ritual used to bring the Eternal Dragon into the Earth dimension. Realizing that if anyone used the balls to summon the dragon the chaotic energies that would be unleashed would tear apart the planet that the dragon appeared on within 1 year, Kamiccolo, through his psychic disciplines as well as Terran mysticism managed to diffuse his essence into 2 different beings: Kami(Order) and King Piccolo(Chaos).

With Kamiccolo's essence diffused, the Black Star Dragonballs dissapeared. Kami retained the ability to create Dragonballs while King Piccolo retained most of the magical and psychic powers of Kamiccolo. The new dragonballs could be used without fear of destroying the planet they were used on.

As a result of the fusion of the essences of Piccolo-Ma-Junior and Kami, Kamiccolo-Ma-Kataat has been reborn on Earth. This brought the Black Star Dragonballs back. To insure the future use of Dragonballs, a new guardian Namek was brought to Earth. Dende, now the new conduit for Shenron, used his psychic energies to enhance certain aspects of Shenron's powers. Shenron can now grant 3 wishes instead of 1. The Black Star Dragonballs were then locked away in Kami's Lookout.