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KrillinReal Name: Krillin
Physical Form: Random Mutant
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: In(40) Agility: In(40) Strength: Rm(30)
Endurance: In(40) Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Ex(20)
Psyche: Rm(30)
Health: 150 Karma: 60 Resources: Gd(10)
Popularity: 10
Age: 35 Height: 5'2' Weight: 125LBS.
Talents: Martial Arts B, D & E(chinese shadow boxing and iron fist), Acrobatics, Tumbling, Performer (singer).
Contacts: Capsule Corp.(Engineering, Aerospace, Physics, and Electronics, Am(50) Resources), Z-Team(Hero Group, Rm(30) Resources), Android 18(wife), Android 17(brother-in-law), Marin(daughter).
Martial Arts Supremacy: In(40). Krillin has developed the following power stunt:Hyper-Speed: Gd(10)
Resistance to Scent-Based Attacks: Because Krillin was born without developed olfactory glands, he has In(40) resistance to scent-based attacks and powers.

Note: The extradimensional race known as the Kais and the Namek elder, Guruu, have enhanced Krillin's existing powers and martial abilities as well as giving him certain powers in his duties as a protector of Earth Z. The following powers were given to him by the Kais and later enhanced by Guruu:
True Flight: He can activate this power by making a Yellow Psyche FEAT. This power is at Rm(30) rank.
Resistance to Kinetic Bolts: In(40)
Kinetic Bolt: (from hands, Kamehameha) He can use this power by making a Yellow Endurance FEAT. In(40) force and Gd(10) energy damage at rank range. He can also fire force blasts of Gd(10) intensity by making a Green Endurance FEAT.
Power Detection: He can use this power by making a Yellow Intuition FEAT. Am(50) in contact range, else Rm(30). This power cannot sense robots or non-organic androids.
Resistance to Power Detection: Am(50). Krillin has learned to lower his power signature to a point that any scans for him would only show him as a small animal.

Destructo Disc!

Energy Solidification: ("Destructo Disc") He can use this power by making both a successful Endurance and Psyche FEAT. This is a disc of pure kinetic force. It can be thrown to do In(40) edged damage. By making a Yellow Endurance and Psyche FEAT, Krillin can create up to 4 discs at once for Rm(30) edged damage each. By making a Red Endurance and Psyche FEAT, Krillin can create 8 discs at once that only do Ex(20) edged damage each.
Light Emission: ("Solar Flare", from head) He can use this power by making a Yellow Intuition FEAT. Rm(30) blinding attack to everyone in the area he is facing.

Through prior training with Master Roshi and Kami, Krillin has developed the following power:
Telepathy: Ex(20). Krillin can use this to send and/or receive images for as long as he concentrates. He usually uses this power to establish a telepathic link with another member of the team for the purposes of "image" training. This can be considered a mental Danger Room.

Krillin is a reserve member of the Z-Team. He is semi-retired and has chosen to focus his attention on his family.