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Goku(Android Saga to Pre World-Tornament Saga)

GokuReal Name: Kakarrott, Son of Bardock
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Saiyan
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: Am(50) Agility: In(40) Strength: Am(50)
Endurance: Am(50) Reason: Ty(6) Intuition: Rm(30)
Psyche: Am(50)
Health: 190 Karma: 86 Resources: Ty(6), Rm(30) w/Z-Team
Popularity: 0, 25 on Earth-Z, -10 w/Nilbogs, 30 w/Nameks on Namek Beta.
Age: 38 Height: 5' 9". Weight: 185LBS.
Talents: Martial Arts A, B, C, D, & E (Tiger, Crane, Monkey, Goju, Tae Kwon Do, and Mantis Fist styles), Tumling, Acrobatics, Wrestling, Trance, Leadership, Pilot (air/space), Oriental Weapons, Weapon Specialist(Power Pole).
Contacts: Z-Team(Hero Group), Bardock(Father, Deceased), Celipa(Mother, Deceased), Raditz & Turles(Brothers, Deceased), Gohan(Son), Princess Chi-Chi(Wife), Ox King(father-in-law), Totepo & Pumbokin & Toma(Uncles, Deceased), Yardrations("Enlightened" alien race)
Saiyan Space Capsule(Enlarged version)
Self Sustenance: Am(50), Temporary version only.
Hyper-Running: In(40).
True Flight: Mn(75). By making a Green Power FEAT, Goku can use his hyperspeed power to increase his flight speed to Un(125) for 1-5 turns.
Telepathy: By making a Red Psyche FEAT, Goku can use this power at In(40) rank. Goku has developed the following power stunt:Alter Ego(Lost): Goku's tail was permanently removed by Kami. Prior to that, Goku had the Mn(75) ability to transform into an Uzaru (see Saiyans) with the following stats:Selective Adaptation: See Saiyans
Power Flare: See Saiyans.
Body Resistance: In(40).
Hyperspeed: Am(50)
Hyper-Leaping: Mn(75)
Recovery: In(40).
Power Detection: Mn(75)
Resistance to Aging & Disease: In(40). See Saiyans.
Resistance to Power Detection: Mn(75). Goku has learned to lower his power signature to a point that any scans for him would only show him as a low-level Saiyan.
Force Field: Am(50) active personal. Goku cannot take any other action while this power is in effect.
Mind Blast: In(40). He must make a Yellow Psyche FEAT to use this power.
Kinetic Control: Mn(75). Through training with Master Roshi and King Kai, Goku can harness ambient kinetic energies within a 3 mile radius for the following effects:
  • Kinetic Bolt: (from hands, Kamehameha) He can use this power by making a Yellow Endurance FEAT. Mn(75) force and Rm(30) energy damage at rank range. He can also fire force blasts of Am(50) intensity by making a Green Endurance FEAT. Goku can also choose to emit a Kinetic blast from his entire body. This does Mn(75) force damage to anyone in contact with him.
  • By making a Green Psyche FEAT, Goku can tap into the kinetic energies of all living things as well as cosmic sources(including stars and planets) within a 7.5 mile range radius(Mn); Yellow Psyche FEAT---15 mile range radius(SX); Red Psyche FEAT---50 mile range radius(SZ). Once tapped, Goku can then gather the energies into a sphere. The sphere is then mentally commanded by Goku and travels at the speed equal to his Psyche Rank. Goku must concentrate on the sphere to keep it from exploding prematurely. Depending on the Psyche FEAT, the sphere can do force and energy damage equal to -2CS of the range radius of the "Tap". Everything within a 5 area range radius takes full damage with -1CS to damage per every additional area. The sphere has a mass equal to its force damage. This stunt is known as the "Spirit Bomb". By making a Green Psyche Feat after creating a "spirit bomb" Goku can shrink its appearance and transfer control of it to a willing person. Goku can also throw the "bomb" at a target. Goku is -3CS on all FEATs while gathering the energies needed to create the "Spirit Bomb". This penalty dissapears once the "bomb" is created.
  • By making a Red Psyche, Red Endurance, and Red Power FEAT, Goku can internalize the power of the Spirit and then use it to surround himself in an energy field with a range radius of 2 areas. Anything and anyone, other than Goku, entering or coming in contact with the field takes energy damage equal to the power rank of the "bomb" per turn. Goku cannot take any other action while maintaining the integrity of the field. He must make all of the required Red FEATs every 1-5 turns or suffer the damage himself from the field.
  • Light Emission: ("Solar Flare", from head) By making a Yellow Intuition FEAT, Goku can convert the ambient kinetic energy in his area of control to pure light. This acts as a In(40) blinding attack to everyone in the area he is facing.
  • By making a Red Power and Endurance FEAT, Goku can add his own internal energies to increase his Kamehameha attack at the expense of his Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Hyperspeed ranks. He can only do this while flaring.
    • By lowering those stats -1CS, Goku can add 10 points of force damage to the attack.
    • By lowering those stats -2CS, Goku can add 20 points of force damage to the attack.
    • By lowering those stats -3CS, Goku can add 30 points of force damage and 10 points of energy damage to the attack.
  • By making a Green Endurance & Power FEAT, Goku can kinetically enhance his Hyperspeed to Un(125) for 1-5 turns. This stunt has the side effect of creating an illusion of himself. This acts as an Am(50) Illusion.
  • By making a Yellow Psyche FEAT, Goku can internalize kinetic energies within his area of control to give himself Am(50) resistance to Power Manipulation for 1-5 turns. He cannot power flare while doing this.
  • By making a Red Endurance & Psyche FEAT, Goku can kinetically transfer some of his health points to a willing target. He can transfer up to 50 Health points.
  • By making a Yellow Power FEAT, Goku can kinetically dampen energy or force blasts directed at him by -2CS.
Telelocation: Mn(75). Goku must make a Yellow Intuition FEAT Roll to "home" in on a target. By making a Yellow Intuition & Reason FEAT Roll, Goku can extend the range of his Power Detection.
Teleport - Self: Mn(75). Goku must first successfully use his Telelocation power to guide his "Instant Transmission".
Weakness: See Saiyans. Because of his mental discipline by Master Roshi & his training with the Yardrations as well as head trauma when he was an infant, Goku gets a +2CS to resist his genetic urge to fight.

Goku's body has developed a resistance to the Kaioken technique. He no longer benefits from it.

Note: At this point, Goku is a Super Saiyan (See Saiyans).

As a result of his noble sacrifice to save the people of Earth from the android known as Cell, Goku is now a Free Spirit and should be considered an Ethereal for all intents and purposes of game play. While in his Ethereal state Goku cannot affect the actions of the mortal plane. The only way he can affect the mortal plane is by spending all of his karma points and making a Red Psyche FEAT and Red Endurance FEAT. Results should be interpreted as follows:

  • Both FEATs Unsuccessful: Goku cannot affect the mortal plane in anyway.
  • Only Endurance FEAT Successful: Goku can transfer a part of his essence (max. of up to 40 Health points and up to 30 points to any 1 power or physical ability. This increase lasts for as long as needed. He used this to aid Gohan in destroying Cell.
  • Only Psyche FEAT Successful: Goku can combine his mental energies in order to telepathically communicate with someone on the mortal plane with Mn(80) ability. This lasts for as long as he concentrates and makes a successful Psyche FEAT every 1-5 turns.
  • Both FEATs Successful: Goku can materialize on the mortal plane and has full use of his powers and abilities. He can only maintain this state for up to 1-5 turns. He used this to save Gohan from dying at the hands of the renegade Kai known as Bojack.
Once the attempt is made Goku cannot try again until his Karma points equal a minimum of 86.