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Gohan(SS1 to Bojack Saga)

GohanReal Name: Gohan, Son of Goku.
Physical Form: Random Mutant
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: In(40) Agility: In(40)
Strength: In(40) Endurance: Mn(75)
Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Gd(10) Psyche: In(40)
Health: 195 Karma: 60
Resources: Pr(4), Rm(30) with the Z-Team.
Popularity: 20 with Nameks, 15 with Saiyans(in the service of the Shi'ar), 10 on Earth-Z, -30 with Nilbogs, 0 elsewhere
Age: 14 Height: 5'4" Weight: 122LBS.
Talents: Martial Arts B, D & E (Chinese Shadow Boxing, Iron Fist, Shotokan, Kick-Boxing, Goju, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi), Tumbling, Acrobatics, Student.
Contacts: Z-Team (Rm Resources, Hero Group), Goku(Father), Princess Chi-chi(Mother), Avengers(Hero Group), Turles and Raditz(Uncles, deceased), Ox King(maternal grandfather), Bardock(paternal grandfather, deceased).
Saiyan Armor
Power Pole
Flying Nimbus
Alter Ego (lost): Gohan was born with a tail. Unfortunately(fortunately for his teammates), Gohan's tail was permanently removed as a result of his first battles with Vegeta. Prior to this, Gohan had the Mn(75) ability to transform into an Uzaru (see Saiyans) with the following stats:
  • Growth - Atomic Gain: permanent, 20' tall, weight of 4 tons, is +1CS to hit, SX(150) Strength, SX(150) Endurance, Health is changed in proportion.
  • Natural Weaponry: teeth of In(40) material strength.
  • Hyper-Leaping: SY(200)
  • Hyper-Hearing: In(40)
  • Hyper-Olfactory: In(40)
  • Resistance to Physical Attacks: Am(50)
  • Resistance to Energy Attacks: In(40)
  • Kinetic Bolt(mouth & Nose): Mn(75)
  • Resistance to Kinetic Bolts: Mn(75)
Selective Adaptation: See Saiyans
Power Flare: See Saiyans. Through training with his father in the hyperbolic time chamber, Gohan has learned to hold his power flare indefinitely as long as he makes a Green Endurance FEAT to maintain it.
Body Resistance: See Saiyans. In(40)(Am(50) when flaring and Berserk).
Hyperspeed: See Saiyans. In(40)(Am(50) when flaring, Un(109) when Berserk).
Hyper-Leaping: Am(50)(Mn(75) when flaring, SX(150) when Berserk).
Kinetic Control: Mn(75). Unusual for any Saiyan, Gohan has shown the potential to develop psionic abilities. He is able to create a kinetic pulse field which simulates a range radius Kinetic Bolt at Mn(75) rank within a 40' range radius. Unfortunately, this power only manifests when he is either enraged(flaring) or berserk.

Gohan has now developed the following power stunts:Recovery: Mn(75).
Resistance to Aging & Disease: Rm(30). See Saiyans.
Hyper-Running: Rm(30)(In(40) when flaring; Am(50) when berserk)
Berserker: Am(50). While berserk, Gohan's Strength increases to Un(90). His energy powers increase +2CS for the duration of the rage. When in his berserker state, Gohan automatically power flares. This flare lasts for the duration of the rage.
Power Detection: By training with the other members of the Z-Team, Gohan has developed this power at Am(50) rank and range. Unfortunately, it only detects organic life.
Resistance to Power Detection: Through following his father's training regimen, Gohan has developed the ability to psionicly mask his power. This means that powers such as Power, Life, Energy, and Mutant Detection are at -4CS to track him. Successful attempts to scan for Gohan's power signature shows Gohan as a low-level Saiyan.
True Flight: Rm(30)(In(40) when flaring; Am(50) when berserk). By making a yellow power FEAT, Gohan can combine his hyperspeed with his flight to travel for 1-5 turns at Am(50)(Mn(75) when flaring; Un(100) when berserk) air speed.
Weakness: See Saiyans. Being only Half-Saiyan, Gohan is +4CS to resist his genetic instincts.

Gohan lost the Uzaru form after Piccolo removed his tail permanently.

At this point, Gohan is afraid of his power. In order to break the mental blocks he put up to control it, Gohan must first spend all his Karma and then make a Red Psyche FEAT. This represents a traumatic event that releases Gohan's rage.

Gohan's berserker state is now stable, meaning that as long as he can make a successful Endurance FEAT every 40 turns, he can maintain it. If he fails he automatically suffers the downside of flaring and loses 10 Health points.

Gohan's main weakness while in his berserk state is his confidence in himself. When he doubts himself, his power increases diminish -1CS for every 10 turns that pass.
After emerging from his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan joined the other members of the Z-Team in their battles against the legendary Super-Saiyan named Broli and then (Perfect)Cell. It was in his first battle with Cell that Gohan's powers were put to the test. Goku was certain that Gohan would make short work of Cell. Piccolo soon revealed that Gohan's hidden powers were kept dormant by his fears. It wasn't until Android 16's noble sacrifice that Gohan's powers were awakened.

Unprepared for the young half-breed's power, Cell was overwhelmed. His body began breaking down. The degeneration freed Android 18 and caused Cell to revert to his Semi-Perfect state.

Enraged, Cell activated his self-destruct sequence. Before Cell could explode, Goku used the last of his energies to teleport both Cell and himself to North King Kai's planetoid. Goku and all on the planetoid died in the blast. Gohan, in mourning, refused to ever unleash his powers again. To him, it seemed that they had cost him the life of his father.

Unfortunately, an hour later, Cell's body had fully regenerated back to its Perfect state. To make matters worse, Cell had absorbed residual energies from Goku, North King Kai, and the inhabitants of the planetoid. He put these energies to good use by first teleporting back to the battlefield and then using a laser blast to mortally wound Trunks 1. Enraged at seeing his "son" fallen, Vegeta went Super and attacked Cell. The "Super" Cell knocked the Saiyan Prince out of the sky sending his body crashing into the ground. Cell then used a Kamehameha blast to kill Vegeta, but Gohan shielded his teammate with his body.

With 1 arm broken and his body on the verge of collapse, Gohan and Cell fire Kamehamehas at each other. Unfortunately, despite the aid of the other Z-Fighters, Gohan's energy levels were too low to sustain the blast. It was at this time that 2 things happened. 1st, A recovered Vegeta staggered Cell with a Final Flash attack. 2nd, Goku's spirit convinces Gohan to let go of his fears and doubts. With a renewed purpose, Gohan combines his disruption power with his kamehameha and ends Cell's threat to Earth-Z.

2 years later, Gohan battles Bojack and his renegade Kais. Even though Trunks 1 kills one of Bojacks renegades, the Z-Team finds itself on the losing end of Bojack's fists. As Bojack bearhugs the life out of Gohan, Goku's spirit materializes for an instant. Goku slams Bojack to the ground with a punch and then heals Gohans wounds. Seeing his father again, Gohan realizes that he must never doubt himself or he will lose everything he cares about. Gohan then enters his berserk state and makes quick work of Bojack's Kais. Foolishly, Bojack attempts to disintegrate Gohan, but ends up with a child-sized hole in his chest. At his death, Bojack's body explodes as his energies turn inwards.

Finally, Gohan's powers have given Earth-Z a peace that will last 5 years.