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Magic Domination

This is a form of Mind Control. The Mage can control the actions of other Mages in regards to the casting and use of Magic spells. The Mage acts as a Puppetmaster who can control the physical actions but not the conscious mind of his victim. The Mage can iorce his puppet to cast any Magic he possesses in any way the controlling Mage desires. The Mage cannot control the actual characteristics of the puppet-Mage's Magic. Range, area of effect, and casting time are all unaltered.

The Power is a battle of the Mage's Power rank versus the would-be victim's Psyche. Psyche determines the Intensity of the Power FEAT. For example, a Mn rank needs a Green FEAT to overcome Illyana Rasputin's Am Psyche.

The range at which a Mage can attempt Domination varies with his rank and the number being controlled. Each additional being the Mage controls causes the range to decrease -1CS. The duration is as long as the Mage can retain his concentration. The Judge is free to develop his own standards of how hard that is in a given situation. If a victim fails his initial Resistance, he can try again every 10 turns by making a Psyche FEAT based on this Power's rank. A green FEAT means the victim has freed himself of the Domination.

As you might suspect, this Power only works against Mages and Magical Creatures. Normal beings and beings with non-Magical Powers are exempt. Curiously, using Magic Negation on a puppet-Mage will free him of the effects of Domination.

If the target of this Power voluntarily cooperates with the Mage, then control is automatic. Domination can be thwarted by such Powers as Force Field vs. Magic, Resistance to Magic, and Magic Control.

Optional Powers include Mind Control and Power Domination.

The Nemesis is either an enhanced Psyche to protect the target Mage or Magic Domination to usurp the Mage's control of others.

Range: Column A