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Energy Sheath

The hero can surround himself with an energy field. This field provides protection, life support, and a means of manifesting the hero's other Powers. The energy field can be of any type (see the Energy Emission section for available types). Each energy field has its own characteristics that affect the ways the hero can use the Power.

Only 1 Energy Sheath can be used at a time. The hero may possess several possible Energy Sheathes. The original rank for each is Gd(10); this can be modified by the Ability Modifier Table in the Character Generation section of this site. Each Power is rolled separately. Thus a hero might possess a Pr(4) Sonic Sheath and an In(40) Vibration Sheath.

Damage to the Sheath does not affect the hero's Health. If the Sheath is destroyed, the hero must make a red FEAT to regain it. Possible ways of destroying a Sheath include Energy Control and Conversion, Power Control, and Magic. When the hero is using this Power, he has a special vulnerability to Energy Control and Conversion Powers that can affect his type of Energy Sheath (-2CS). However, he also has +2CS Resistance to attacks using the same energy form as his Sheath. For the duration of the Sheath, it is assumed to be made of an infinite supply of that energy. (Otherwise, the character bookkeeping would be a nightmare. "Let's see, if I throw a fireball, that's gonna cost 5 minutes of power…")

When creating the hero, the player can opt to replace 1 of the other Powers with a Travel Power. The player can also replace other Powers with the appropriate Energy Emission and Control Powers, if he so chooses.

Range: None.