BabaReal Name: Baba
Physical Form: Normal Human(Magic Wielder)
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: Pr(4) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Pr(4)
Endurance: Ex(20) Reason: Ex(20)
Intuition: Am(50) Psyche: Un(100)
Health: 48 Karma: 170 Resources: Gd(10)
Popularity: 0
Age: 250 Height: 4'5" Weight: 90LBS.
Talents: Occult Lore(Am(50)), Mystic Origin, Trance.
Contacts: Z-Team (Rm Resources, Hero Group), Roshi(Brother), Gohan(descendant), Princess ChiChi(descendant), Bulma(descendant), Trunks(Future and present)(descendant).
Longevity: Through the use of arcane formulae and potions, Baba has gain this power at Fb(2) rank.
Magic Ability: Baba is a Master Level sorceress in Magic for Order (in Divination) of Earth-Z. As such, she can cast the following spells:Baba's Scrying Orb
Weakness: See Magic Rules. Baba uses her Orb as a focal point for her magics. Without the Orb her spells operate at -4CS.
Baba is the ancestor of Princess Chi-Chi of the Mountain Kingdom(it lies between the borders of Mongolia, Northern China, and Korea). While Chi-Chi's father, the Ox King was defending his borders from Mongolian bandits, his wife(a sorceress of considerable power) died giving birth to Chi-Chi. Beset by grief, the Ox King vowed to one day make his daughter a warrior queen instead of a witch queen. Unbeknownst to the Ox King, Chi-Chi's mother was the great-granddaughter of the witch known as Fortune Teller Baba. Baba had foreseen that a woman from her lineage would give birth to one of the strongest warriors in the universe. Over the following years, Baba used her Scrying Orb to not only keep an eye on Chi-Chi, but to also seek out the father of the child of prophecy. Her Orb showed her a feral-looking boy with a tail. Seeing the great potential of this boy, she manipulated the events that would bring Chi-Chi and the boy known as Goku together.

After reaching the age of consent, Chi-Chi married Goku and bore a son named Gohan. When Gohan was 2 years of age, his powers activated for the first time. Soon after, Baba appear before Chi-Chi and told her of Gohan's destiny. Fearing for her son's life, Chi-Chi decided to have Gohan raised as a scholar instead of a warrior.

Eventually, the will of Baba could not be undone. Baba revealed to Chi-Chi, that it was her own magical blood that gave her son the potential to be greater than even Goku. This potential was realized when Gohan defeated the mystical android known as Buu in one of its many battles with the Z-Team.

Baba has kept secret the fact that she had 2 daughters. The 1 known is Chi-Chi's ancestor. The 1 unknown is the daughter that would be Bulma's ancestor. It was through Bulma that another champion of Earth would be born to save the planet from utter destruction. 4 years after Bulma and Prince Vegeta met, they married and had a son named Trunks. It was not until the young half-Saiyan was 8 years old that his mystical potential awakened when he wielded Tappion's Sword against the entity known as Hildegarn.

Baba now serves as an adviser to both the mystics of Earth and the rulers of Otherworld.