Magic Rules - Introduction

The Player's Book and Ultimate Powers Book contain an abbreviated section on magic for those Judges and players who like to "dabble" with magical characters in their campaign. Many Judges and players want more, much more, on Marvel magic:
Fulfilling these desires is the Magic Rules section of this site.

Magic in the Marvel Universe is everchanging. The extent of a character's magic use differs greatly from tale to tale and from author to author. While there exists a pattern and definition for mutants, Inhumans, and so forth in the Marvel Universe, there is very little about magic that is "carved in stone". Indeed, as time goes by, we discover more and more about the magical creatures that inhabit the various dimensions surrounding Earth.

What is compiled for you in this section is what an Earth observer in the Marvel Universe might be able to gather, given time, study and hard work. It includes information that is as current and complete as I can gather, given the mysteries that often cover Marvel Universe magic.

The 1st part of this section, the Arcanum of Magic, contains detailed information on how the magic in the Marvel Universe works in the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Role Playing Game. It also includes a secondary character generation system for magical characters, definitions of magical spells, and rules on using magic in combat.

The 2nd part of this section, the Mystic's Encyclopedia, covers numerous mystical dimensions and magical artifacts that are part of the Marvel Universe. This Encyclopedia can be used to expand the magic involvement of a campaign from the basics established in the Arcanum of Magic.

The 3rd part, the Codex of the Magi, fully describes many of the most important magic-wielding characters and monsters that inhabit the Marvel Universe.