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This is a specialized form of Shapeshifting. The hero can temporarily increase the length of any part or his body without losing leverage or strength. The hero can elongate any single part a maximum number of yards equal to his power rank number. If 2 or more parts are elongated, this limit is the total combined length for all parts concerned. The hand counts as part of the arm unless the hero is specifically elongating his fingers; in this case, the maximum is divided by the number of fingers elongated. For example, Mr. Fantastic is usually shown elongating an arm with a normal hand at the end of it; this gives him a greater reach than if he elongated his hand instead. The hero can maintain any single act of Elongation for a number of turns up to his power rank number.

This power is primarily used by heroes like Mr. Fantastic to extend their reach or stride. Other heroes might also use the power to elongate body parts like the nose, ears, or eyes. This useful, albeit grotesque, tactic enables the hero to use his nose as a snorkel, his eyes as periscopes, and to eavesdrop on a room several floors away by sending his ear through the ceiling vent. The optional power is Plasticity.

Range: See Above.