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Electrical Generation

The hero can create electrical streams that can do Power rank damage. The hero can project the electricity through any conductive medium, such as air, water, or metal, at Power rank range. If the player chooses, the hero can gain +2CS to his damage by choosing to limit his range to contact only. In this case, the range can be extended by conducting the Power through solid conductors like metal. Electricity comes in various forms:The hero can use any form at will or can raise his rank +1CS by specializing in a particular form. This Power automatically includes Power rank Resistance to Electricity; no FEAT is required to resist your own Power. This Power is linked to Electrical Control and Energy Sheath. When creating the hero, the player can exchange any randomly determined Powers for these if he so desires. Extreme heat reduces this Power's rank by the Intensity rank of the heat. Conversely, extreme cold increases the rank by the cold's Intensity rank. At SX level, the hero gains the ability to create a stream of conductive gas, thus allowing the Power to function even in a vacuum.

Range: Column A