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The hero can reduce the size of a target. The target must be in line of sight and within 1 area of the hero. Any material can be Diminished by this Power With the sole exception of material that has already been Diminished by an equal or higher rank of this Power. In such a case, the would-be target is assumed to already be Diminished to a further point than the hero could reach anyway.

The level to which the hero can Diminish a target is determined by the Power rank. Levels appropriate to this Power are:
RankResultant Size(% of Original Size)
In practical terms, a Diminishment rank of Shift X, Y, or Z is sufficient to reduce a normal-sized human to the size of a cell. Either CL1000 or CL3000 will reduce him to atomic scale. CL5000 reduces a human to such a point where he can enter a Microverse such as Jarella's world of Kaa.

Note: Microverses are miniature dimensions that can be reached by a person undergoing extreme size reduction. The act of Shrinking causes the person to breach the Dimensional Barriers and reach a chosen Microverse. The worlds within a Microverse roughly correspond to but are not actually atoms or molecules. Once within a Microverse, the Dimension traveler finds himself in an environment that approximates conditions in the larger, outer world. Microverses may themselves contain even smaller Microverses. Even our own world may in fact be a Microverse to some inconceivably larger Macroverse.

The duration of Diminution on a target is determined by a Reason FEAT made at the time the Power is used on the target. A green Reason FEAT gives a duration of the Reason rank number times 100 turns. A yellow FEAT increase this to 10,000 turns times the Reason rank number. A red FEAT makes the diminution permanent; in such a case the only way the target can return to its original size is through use of Enlargement, Magic, or Power Negation.

There are 3 very different ways to create the effect of Diminution. Each has its own mechanism and peculiar properties as a result of that mechanism. The player can either choose for himself or let a random die roll determine which form.
Atomic Collapse: The hero decreases the distance between the target's atoms and subatomic particles. The target does not lose weight as it shrinks. Rather, it becomes increasingly dense and could eventually collapse into neutronium (CL3000 Diminution) or even a black hole (CL5000 Diminution). Strength is unaffected by the change in size but leverage becomes increasingly difficult at smaller sizes.

Atomic Reduction: The hero decreases the number of atoms in the target's body. The lost matter is either disintegrated (if the Diminution is permanent) or temporarily removed from the target's plane of existence and stored on another plane until it is needed to return the target to its original size. Mass and strength both decrease as the target Shrinks; the lower ranks are proportional to the target's new size. The target becomes increasingly simple in structure and reaches a stage where the remaining structure is too simple to sustain the lifeforce of a living target. This occurs at SX rank. If the Diminution is temporary, the target's lifeforce is stored on the same plane as the displaced matter that normally forms his body. At SZ Diminution, the target consists of only a single molecule which immediately vanishes when the next rank is reached.

Atomic Shrinkage: This is the most common form of Diminution and the only form that permits the target to enter a Microverse. The hero can reduce the size of the atoms and subatomic particles themselves, thus reducing the overall size in a proportional manner. Mass and physical strength are reduced a proportional amount. While this Power has more advantages than the other forms, it has a deadly disadvantage. As the target's atoms shrink, they are no longer able to interact with other, normal sized atoms. As a result, a living target is unable to breathe the air or consume food or water. Seen in this light, this form of Diminution is the equivalent of a Fatal attack. Fortunately, there is a 95% chance the Power envelopes the target in an energy field that shrinks anything within 1' (proportional to the target's current size) of the target to the same size as the target. This allows the target to breathe, drink, and eat. The existence of this field is randomly determined at the time the source of the Diminution is created. If the hero lacks such a field, then any target must have its own supply of proportionally-sized consumables. Even non-living targets can be affected in that the Power effectively insulates them from electricity, since normal-sized electrons cannot flow into a Diminished conductor. Treat this as rank level Resistance to Electricity. If the field exists, electrons are automatically Shrunken to permit conductivity.
It is assumed that when the Power is used, the hero intends to Diminish the entire target. If the hero specifies, he can attempt to shrink only part of a target. Since this is equivalent to tearing the target apart, a Power FEAT determined by the Material Strength of the target is required to do such an act.

Example: Sizemaster has possesses Rm(30) Diminution. Seeing an uproar at his local bank, he wanders in to see what's up. He discovers The Shocker trying desperately to free people trapped in a safe and he decides to assist the rescue. He locates a section of the safe away from The Shocker and begins to manifest his Power. The safe is made of steel and reinforced concrete and has a Rm(30) Material Strength. Good, Sizemaster only needs to make a yellow FEAT to Diminish a hatch in the safe's wall. Within 12 seconds he has Diminished a 6' wide area into a 1" wide plug, which drops out of the wall and rolls around on the floor. Sizemaster is helping the trapped people out of the safe when Shocker finally burns through the opposite wall. Later the 2 rivals seal the hole Sizemaster made by holding the plug in place as it is returned to its original size.

The Power can automatically effect a non-living, stationary, unprotected target. Moving targets require the hero to make an Agility FEAT to hit the target with his Power. Living targets are allowed to resist the Power's effects in the same way they would resist any energy attack Targets can be protected from Diminution by such Powers as Force Field vs. Energy, Resistance to Energy, True Invulnerability, certain Magics and Power Controls, and the simultaneous use of an opposing Enlargement Power. Atomic Dispersal opposes Atomic Collapse, Atomic Gain opposes Atomic Reduction, and Atomic Growth opposes Atomic Shrinkage. If the opponent lacks the matching form of Enlargement he can still try to negate the effects of Diminution with whatever form he possesses; the results can get a little weird, though.

The Nemeses are those Powers mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Range: Column A.