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Digestive Adaptation

The hero can swallow and digest any substance without harm. The digestive tract extracts useful materials and synthesizes new ones from the available material. In game "reality" this Power is an internalized, automatic form of Matter Conversion. Materials created by this Power retain their new nature while within the hero's body; upon expulsion they revert to their original nature. In rare cases, the hero is a living filter who could eventually convert all available matter into useful forms.

The power also includes a +4CS resistance to liquid or solid toxins. These are simply resisted or converted into useful materials. This Power includes a number of physical adaptations to accommodate it. The hero possesses hyperstrong teeth and jaws that permit biting and swallowing any materials, as well as resistance to internal damage caused by the swallowed material.

There are 2 side-effects to this Power. The 1st is the decrease of the hero's sense of taste. The 2nd is that the hero's flesh is relatively poisonous, since much of it may have been formed from converted materials that would revert to their original states after their removal from the living hero's body. The hero would thus be immune to a vampire's attack or could exact posthumous revenge on anything stupid enough to eat him.

If the hero has this Power on a temporary basis (such as the result of a spell), any matter conversions are permanent.

Optional Powers include Lung Adaptability and Body Adaptation.