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Demons of Denak

Daemons of Denak Daemons (aka Demons) of Denak is the title given to most non-humanoid or non-animal lesser demons that exist in the Marvel Omnivere. They can be any texture, shape, and color they desire. A daemon usually does not serve any permanent master. These are the creatures summoned by the spell the “Daemons of Denak”. The Daemons of Denak love to spread chaos and will usually appear in the Earth dimension as shock troops of an incoming extradimensional invasion.

Their statistics are as follows:
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Ty(6) Strength: Ex(20) Endurance: Ty(6)
Reason: Pr(4) Intuition: Gd(10) Psyche: Pr(4)
Health: 52 Karma: 18
Natural Weaponry: The Daemons of Denak have 2 claw attacks per round. If they successfully grapple an opponent, they may attempt to bite him in the same round. Their claws and teeth are considered to be of Ex(20) material strength.
True Flight: There is a 25 percent chance that any Daemon of Denak can fly. He may writhe through the air or possess wings. Roll for the possibility of flight when the daemon appears.
Cold Generation: The daemon must first grapple his opponent, and if successful, can cause Rm(30) damage in subsequent rounds by maintaining his grapple. A daemon cannot use his claws while applying his freezing touch.
Telepathy---Limited: Their commander, usually a powerful being (usually a spellcaster) in another dimension, can maintain a telepathic link with the creatures and direct their actions. The strength of the telepathic link is equal to the Psyche rank of the spellcaster who cast the Daemons of Denak spell.
Unique Shape-Shifting: The Daemons of Denak can easily alter their shapes. They can “ooze” around most obstacles and through traps. Only a complete enclosure, like a sphere or cube, can contain them.
Weakness: None.