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The entity: Unrevealed, but definitely full of or controlling a multitude of daemons.
The spells: "Disks of Denak" are flat, purple disks that fly from the hand as Eldritch Crystals of In(40) power rank.

"Daemons of Denak". This curse is used extensively through the chronicles, but it also is a spell that summons forth daemons to do the character's bidding. The amount of daemons a character can summon in a week's time is the rank number of the character's Psyche, but only 2 daemons can ever be summoned in any 1 round. The daemons only stay until they are "destroyed" or the duration of spell is lapsed. These daemons cannot be killed, but when their Health reaches 0 they disappear. Normal weapons and non-magical energy attacks only do half damage to the daemons (round down). Magical weapons and attacks do normal damage. Silver weapons will "destroy" them upon striking.

The daemons can be instructed as the character pleases and they must obey without any clever attempts at tricking him. While under his control they will not behave as evil creatures, but more as familiars. Their shapes and forms are myriad, they sometimes appear as gobbledygook, malleable form creatures, other times as little imp-like daemons (see their description in the Codex of the Magi).

Note: Heroes usually despise using daemons, as they are evil creatures. Overuse of daemons (more than once per week) often will result in them pleading their plight to a stronger daemon, who may 1 day answer the summons himself. While there is a possibility that he can be controlled by the summoner (Psyche FEAT roll), there is also a possibility that someday a daemon will come forth that is so strong it will be uncontrollable and will attack the summoner.