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Chemical Touch

The hero's body secretes chemicals that are capable of a variety of effects on a target. The chemicals can be automatically or consciously secreted. The player must choose when the Power is first generated; there is an equal random chance for each. If the hero possesses a variety of Touch-based Powers, then the hero can alter the nature of the secreted chemicals at will.

A Touch-based Power is created by combining this Power with any other Power the hero has. Each Touch Power has Power rank Intensity and does rank damage, regardless of the Touch Power's nature. The behavioral characteristics are those of the original Power that was incorporated into the Touch Power. The range is always limited to Contact only.

A wide variety of Touch Powers are possible, as this Power can combine with most of the other entries in this book. The key to it is playability; if you can figure out a rational explanation for a given combination, the you should try it. This can generate a myriad of unique Powers. Some possibilities include:The Nemesis is Phasing.