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Archetype Undead Vampire (Marvel)

Archetype Undead Vampire (Marvel) Vampires in the Marvel Universe:  A vampire is a human (and in some cases, not human) being who has died and been resurrected by certain supernatural means and endowed with certain supernatural abilities and limitations, most notably a need to drink blood in order to sustain his or her existence. Vampires are called the "undead," in as much as even when active, they are not truly alive in the same sense that ordinary human beings are; indeed, they can be described as being technically dead. (There are also so-called "Living Vampires," who resemble true vampires and did not gain their vampire traits through supernatural means. The most notorious "Living Vampire" is Michael Morbius.) --->GHOTMU's entry for Vampires.

Conversion into a vampire modifies one’s abilities as follows:
Agility: +1CS (maximum Rm(30))
Strength: +1CS (maximum Rm(30))
Endurance: +2CS (maximum Am(50))
Health: modified accordingly.
Special Abilities: A vampire in the Marvel Universe has the ability to transform into a bat, wolf, or mist, and have regenerative abilities. It suffered all the effects noted under Weaknesses. It could also be controlled by the vampire who bit (and created) it, should the victim fail a Psyche FEAT roll.

The Average Human Undead Vampire has the following stats:
Fighting: Gd(10)
Agility: Gd(10)
Strength: Ex(20)
Endurance: Rm(30)
Reason: Pr(4)
Intuition: Fb(2)
Psyche: Pr(4)
Health: 70
Karma: 10
Resources: 0
Popularity: -10
Regeneration: Ex(20). This is vampiric in nature.
Resistance to Physical Attacks: Undead Vampires ignore most physical attacks but not Stuns and Slams.
Animal Transformation-Self: Undead Vampires can turn into the following animals:
  • Bat: has a bite attack that does Gd(10) damage and Winged Flight of Ty(6) air speed (up to 90mph).
  • Wolf: has a bite attack that does Ex(20) damage, Hyper-Running at Pr(4) speed (30mph), Hyper-Olfactory of Ex(20) rank, Night Vision of Rm (30) rank, Hyper-Hearing of Rm(30) rank, and Ex(20) Tracking.
  • Animal Mimicry Undead Vampires can use the bite attack of the bat, the Winged Flight of the bat and enhanced senses of the wolf while in a Humanoid Bat form. They also have non-retractable claws that can do Pr(4) edged damage in that form.
    Undead Control: Undead Vampires can control other undead vampires of weaker wills w/ Ex(20) ability within a range radius of 1 area (44 yards). Once the initial Mind Control has succeeded, a telepathic link is formed between the vampire and the weaker willed vampire in which the vampire can give telepathic commands to the weaker willed vampire.
    Animal Control: Undead Vampires can control wolves, bats, and rats w/ Ex(20) ability within a range radius of 1 area (44 yards).
    Mind Control: This version functions as per the Mental Control spell w/ Ex(20) ability against Humans within a range radius of 1 area (44 yards). However, each Human controlled reduces the level of control by 1 rank per human. Once the initial Mind Control has succeeded, a telepathic link is formed between the vampire and the human in which the vampire can give telepathic commands to said human.
    Bio-Vampirism: An undead vampire's bite inflicts Ty(6) damage each turn. If the victim is not slain, he or she remains weak (-1CS on all FEATs) until a weekly endurance FEAT is made, and subject to that particular vampire's telepathic commands.
    Weakness: The following attack forms and/or weaknesses inflict damage to an undead vampire.:
  • Blood Dependency: Deprivation of blood results in weakness (-1CS on all stats every 2 days) and an overwhelming desire for blood. Upon seeing blood, a vampire failing a Psyche FEAT roll automatically attacks.
  • Direct Sunlight: The rays of the sun or attacks which duplicate solar radiation cause Am(50) damage to undead vampires. If reduced to 0 Health, an undead vampire turns to powder.
  • Religious Symbols: Undead Vampires have their powers and/or the effects of their powers negated while they are within 10' of a religious symbol. However, if the religion in question is no longer practiced and/or if the vampire is OLDER than the religion in question, said vampire is NOT affected by said religious symbol. This is why Varnae was able to walk into the Vatican unharmed. Also, if the Vampire is a True Vampire Lord (like Dracula), his/her powers will be significantly weakened by up to -3CS when affected by religious symbols. If the symbol is that of a religion the vampire practiced while he/she was alive, the vampire suffers Ex(20) damage.
  • Mirrors: An undead vampire casts no shadow and no reflection. It must make a Psyche FEAT roll to avoid smashing a mirror.
  • Barring Admittance: Undead Vampires are barred from entering a dwelling unless freely invited.
  • Silver Silver weaponry can inflict normal damage on Undead Vampires.
  • Wood: A wooden stake or blade produces an automatic "Kill" against an Undead Vampire on a red result.
  • Permanent Destruction: 3 methods of slaying an undead vampire are known to "kill" it forever: full body exposure to direct sunlight; Piercing the vampire's heart, beheading, burning, then scattering the ashes; or using the Montesi Formula.

  • Talents: Those that the Undead Vampire possessed in life.
    Contacts: Although the Undead Vampire is no longer a Living Member of any organization they belonged to before their conversion, he or she might use those organizations as a source of food. Some undead vampires actually continue the very same profession they had in life. For example, in the 616 Marvel Universe, there was an undead vampire who was a professional ballet dancer that continued her profession even as a vampire. All undead vampires are subservient to the vampire who "created" them. However, if said "newly created" vampire makes a successful Red Psyche FEAT roll, he or she can fully resist the Mind Control of his or her "progenitor."

    Note: In Marvel, if a "human" had superpowers prior to becoming an undead vampire, said vampire would have those superpowers as well as the default undead vampire powers. This was shown in a What If storyline where Logan (aka Wolverine) became the Lord of Vampires.