Paragus' Mind Control Brace & Circlet

Paragus' Mind Control Brace & CircletAppearance: The Brace looks like a golden forearm & wrist splint with a gem in the palm while the circlet looks like a gold crown with a gem in the browpiece.
Mind Control - Puppetry: Am(50). When worn, the brace allows the user to control the mind of the circlet's wearer through brainwave modulation and targeting the cerebral "poles". Initial control must be initiated within a 1 area range radius. Subsequent control can be maintained by line of sight range.
Material Strength: Brace and Circlet Rm(30), gems of each Am(50)
Tech Rank: SX(150)
Availability: Paragus had only 1 set of this device made. The circlet was destroyed during one of Broli's rages. The brace is useless without the circlet. It is possible that the alien scientists that aided Paragus in the construction of this device may have created more.